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May 1, 2011, 03:27 PM
I'm going to give the 49ers a B-/ C+.

I never thought of Aldon Smith, he is a good player but I had Robert Quinn and Cameron Jordan ahead of him, It sounds like the 49ers won't be using him as a DE but as a OLB, Smith needs to put on about 20 lbs- has a great wingspan but needs better body control. 3 of the players the 49ers drafted were on my wish list as first or second choices. Colin Kaepernick- QB Nevada- 6'5" 235 only thing that needs to be done is teach him the offense and maybe correct his throwing motion. He was drafted by the Chicago Cubs as a pitcher who can throw 90 mph fastballs. He ran for over 4000 yds and passed for over 10,000 yds the only college player to ever do that, there are so many positives that it will only take time to see if they come true. He is definately the poor mans Cam Newton ( I think Kaepernick is better than Newton). Kaepernick won't have to go far to visit friends in family in Turlock or Reno NV. The other player on my list was Kendall Hunter - RB Oklahoma St.- right after Shane Vereen of Cal. The 49ers now have 3 very good and very different kinds of backs for Jim Harbaughs playbook. The 3rd player on my list was Bruce Miller whom I had around 6th or 7th rounder, the 49er said he will be used as a FB something the 49ers needed to look at. I had wished they had taken. I wish they would have taken Chris Conte ( probably taken a little high in the draft by Chicago, or Mike Mohamed who would have been a steal at #182.
May 1, 2011  03:34 PM ET

San Francisco once again has let me down by ignoring the talent coming out of University of California at Berkeley. They could have had Aaron Rodgers in 2005, DeShaun Jackson in the second round of 2008 in which they chose Chilo Rachael G, USC.

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May 1, 2011  03:44 PM ET

San Francisco- now that the draft is over you need to look at free agency in the Pros and College once this CBA thing is worked out.

Pros- We know you're going to sign Alex Smith, your priority should be Nnambi Asomugha.

College - QB Ryan Colburn Fresno, Jeremy Ross WR Cal, Jeff Maehl WR Oregon, FB Will Ta'ufo'ou Cal, OLB Mark Herzlich B.C., OLB Tom Keiser Stanford, TE Conrad Reuland Stanford, CB Bryant Nnabuife Cal. OG John Bender Nevada, Kicker Kai Forbath UCLA. Invite them all

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May 1, 2011  05:22 PM ET

All and all?,I can't complain about Cincy's picks,they did get a QB,WR and defense people,I just hope they get an impact player on the D line this year,thru Free agency ifn any's available.

Now you need to call Carson and ask him what teams he would like to go to and see if any of them would be willing to make a trade.

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May 1, 2011  05:32 PM ET

pats = B-/C+.........They passed on mark ingram, supposedly a ''beast'' at running-back [?],......i figured the pats would go for a 1ST/2ND-ROUND highly-touted pass-rusher [DE] but to no avail [?].......b.b. , i guess, was concentrating on the o-line to replace the ''aging'' line that's wearing-out.,........we did pick-up a de/lb in the 7th that'll prolly get ''waived'' [?],......still ~scratchin-my-head~ on this draft [?].

I think you did well in drafting Shane Vereen, he did the most reps 34 on the bench press of any RB at the combine, he and Jahvid Best were 2 of the top HS sprinters in the 100 in the State of California, Vereen is a very good reciever out of the backfield and once he gets beyone the line of scimmage is hard to tackle. You will be happy once you see him play. Mallet should be interesting, if he can't make it there he may as well kiss his football career good-bye.

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May 1, 2011  06:19 PM ET

what's your analysis of the niner sched?

It just got harder.

Of the NFC West teams I'd say that St. Louis improved their DL with Robert Quinn whom some believed the 49ers would take if Patrick Peterson was taken, they also gave Bradford plenty more weapons with Austin Pettis-WR, Greg Salas-WR, Lance Kendricks-TE. Arizona took the Cornerback most 49er fans thought would fall to them Patrick Peterson, they also got a decent tight end. Seattle had an fair draft, nothing to get excited about. The team to beat is St.Louis.

We play the NFC East teams, the 2 teams I'm concerned about there are @ Philadelphia and N.Y. Giants at home, both got a little bit stronger in the draft. We have Dalllas @ home and @ Washington. The question is, how much practice time will we get before the Dallas game, maybe it will be canceled?

Other NFC teams we play- @ Detroit, and Tampa Bay at home. Both these teams got stronger, the locals from Seaside CA will be watching Mason Foster a local play, since he was drafted in the 3rd round I'm sure he will make the team.

AFC North- We have are @ the Bengals, Browns @SF, @ Baltimore ( Thanksgiving) and host the Steelers. Of these 4 teams I'd say the Bengals had the best short term draft but that Cleveland stole the show getting all those picks from Atlanta, all that for some receiver? If Atlanta doesn't win a Super Bowl in the next 4 years it may be considered a bust.

Seattle may go from a playoff team to a cellar team if they don't get a chance to trade for Palmer. It will be a battle for first place between the 49ers and St. Louis. The longer this CBA goes unsigned the more dismal it looks for SF, although many are hoping that SF will have the worst record in the NFL and be able to draft Andrew Luck, I think SF got their QB of the future in Kaepernick. Teams that will be in contention for Andrew Luck will be Washington, Buffalo, Arizona, Seattle, Oakland.

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May 1, 2011  07:29 PM ET

lol,..........if mallett has a chip on his ''eminem'' shoulder, he just landed at Paris-Island !'s all up to him if he wants to stay !

Tell me, whats up with the eye patch? Some thing poke you in the eye, or are you thinking of becoming a Raiderette?


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