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December 29, 2008, 10:53 AM
Ok...this topic will rage on for the remainder of the offseason and opinions will vary...

My argument is this:

Why force Romo to learn under a new system? - forcing Romo to learn a new system while this core of this team is intact is not a good thing, I dont care how good you are.

Why bring in a new coach when your defense is progressing along? - Dallas went from 13th in Wade's 1st season to 9th this season, that is progression, regardless of the win-loss record.

Dallas's #1 enemy this year was continuity...end of story.

They were injured and often and at KEY spots.

No one can argue that Wade is NOT exactally the hard nosed kind of guy that everyone wants in there, but tell me who is a better fit?

Holmgren is done, he promised his wife that he was out for a year or two.

Cowher is a great fit for the head spot if all the assistants can stay, problem is, he will want to bring in a new staff...

But who else? There is no one on the radar in the NFL that I would want than who is already there.

If you really break down their season, think about all the injuries, look at the schedule and figure it out for yourself.

Their 7 losses were Wash, Zona, Philly, NY, Balty, Pitt and StL. 5 of those losses are playoff teams and the Rams loss was without Romo.

Before the season started, I looked at the schedule and said 11-5 right out of the gate, and that was not taking into account the massive injuries they had.

Excuses aside, every team deals with injuries, but to lose your QB and starting RB, then his backup in the same season is tough....period!

Looking ahead....Dallas will retain everyone on the squad and if they can avoid MAJOR injuries, they will be right back in the hunt again.

Bring in new coaches this year and you immediately start off with no consistency all over again while your QB is learning a new system.

Like him or not, Wade will be back and it makes sense for at least 1 more year.


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