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May 26, 2011, 12:12 PM
It's pretty much non-debatable that this is fact. My question is why is Jonny ducking Rashad? Any ideas? All I hear is how Jones would pummel Rashad, and even Jones has told Rashad to his face that he would kick his ****. So why duck him? I find this interesting, and more interesting that the UFC would let this happen. This fight needs to happen, and there's one common denominator keeping it from happening. It's the guy most of the huggers call the second coming of Jesus Christ himself. WHY??? OH WHY DUCK MR. JONES?????
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May 26, 2011  02:44 PM ET

I am really curious about this at this point. While I don't think that he is scared of him, I do think that he seems to be avoiding him.

It really does make me wonder if he got roughed up in training by Rashad or something like that. I don't get it though, and his behavior is costing us a good fight in which I think that Rashad would get killed.

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May 26, 2011  06:58 PM ET

Did u read the article on by tim marchman yestrday? He explains it pretty well on why its not dodging but mainly timing issues. And by no means am I a jones nuthugger

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May 26, 2011  09:49 PM ET

??? Given everything we know, the most likely scenario is that Evans will beat Davis and fight Jones in the fall, and that it will be an enormously successful promotion that will secure Jones' place as one of the two biggest stars in fighting.Read more: es/index.html#ixzz1NVdeLiA8Whoa, whoa, whoa. The most likely scenario is Evans will beat Jones? Does this guy even cover MMA? Thats an asinine assumption. If Davis wins, and its close to a 50-50 fight in my mind, it destroys the Jones-Evans fight.

You really think Davis has a 50/50 shot against evans? I think you're dislike of evans is getting in the way on that one

May 26, 2011  10:03 PM ET

I usually don't read his articles because I don't find him that knowledgeable on the subject of MMA, but I will check it out.

I don't like him either but cnn (and thus si as their sports section) is the only website I can added at work so I read everyting on there when im bored. He also writes about baseball and he is even worse at that.

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May 27, 2011  04:08 AM ET

Also of note, I just checked the betting odds on the Rashad-Davis fight, and the line has been set at -120 for Rashad, and -110 for Davis. Pretty much a pick'em fight.

Wow I thought it would be more in Rashads favor

May 27, 2011  04:10 AM ET

Can't get on Bloody Elbow, MMA Mania, MMA Fighting, or Sherdog? Those are the main sites I visit when reading MMA.

Nope cnn and mapquest are the only 2 sites I have access too. Doesnt stop me from going online on my phone, but its slower and kills the battery fast so I dont spen too much time on it.


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