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May 26, 2011, 03:06 PM
Well, another BJJ tournament with no training, another 2 losses:)

But, I had fund and each match was interesting for its own reasons, and definitely worth watching. Let me know what you guys think, I won't write too much about it until it gets some interest.

First Match (Quick)

[youtube] eature=relmfu[/youtube]

Second Match (Much longer):

[youtube] eature=relmfu[/youtube]

The first 10 seconds or so of the second match aren't there, I don't know why. All you missed was him stuffing a weak double, then a simple outside trip while I was off balance.
May 26, 2011  03:09 PM ET

**** videos, I don't know why they won't work.

the links are good though. I someone else can get them to work, I would appreciate it

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May 28, 2011  01:50 AM ET

Made a mistake in that first one huh? Looks like you gassed in the longer vid.

Yeah, but the mistake wasn't getting caught in the guillotine. I should have hung out in half guard, the pressure was off of my neck then, and I could have worked a Von Flue choke. But I thought I could pass straight to mount, but thats ****; you can't control mount when someone has your head like that:)

It is pretty amazing how tight a mounted guillotine really is. Just that few seconds and the few before that when he had it tight while was trying to pass, I was basically out. I don't remember tapping, and when I stood up I actually fell back down (my brother should have kept the camera rolling a little longer). And my neck hurt for almost a week after that.

As for the second match, I actually didn't gas at all. I was completely relaxed, controlling my breathing from bottom. the only real energy expenditure was when I tried to bridge from sidemount and ended up on the bottom of a sprawl (after the first takedown). I got frustrated when I tried to catch his foot for "old school" ( see ) from lockdown, and you can even hear me groan with self-loathing (and my brother try to calm me down:) If I would have exploded with it the way I did the earlier bridge I would have finished it, but once I got his foot I slowed way down for some reason and he was able to hook my leg and sprawl out.

May 28, 2011  12:41 PM ET

How long have you been doing the BJJ? you did TKD for a long time before right?

May 28, 2011  11:44 PM ET

How long have you been doing the BJJ? you did TKD for a long time before right?

TKD is the only thing I have ever trained in.

I have never stepped foot in a BJJ class, never rolled outside of competition. I just like the sport, I enjoy going to the events and I like to get a chance to roll a little and compete.

Striking is my game, for sure though. I actually have a big fight coming up, my amateur kickboxing debut. I have been training a lot now, and I feel really good. I will be walking around at about 194-192, so I should be a big 184 pounder, especially in an event where most don't cut.

May 28, 2011  11:46 PM ET

By the way, what did you guys think of the Blue Spider trunks?

I won't be able to wear them for the kickboxing fight unfortunately, as they don't give me enough freedom in my hips to throw my back kicks and other kicks right.


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