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June 13, 2011, 01:22 AM

Now that the 2011 season is over with the Dallas Mavericks claiming the championship, there is a lockout on the way. And this lockout will be even worse than what you???ve seen with the NFL.

Collective Bargaining Agreement seems to be a virus infecting American sports in 2011. NFL is stricken with the virus, NBA is now ready to begin discussions and so is MLB in mid-December. The NHL is the only safe organization but no one cares about hockey anyway.

Now on to the much needed correlation that involves the Miami Heat.

Fans are myopic, and there is no line between winning and losing when it comes to Fan Guy. When their team wins they are annoying with arrogance in their teams successes like they were a part of it. And when their team loses they???re quick to say, "We???ll, there's always next year," or in Miami???s case, "Next year was the year we were going to be dominant anyway, so this season was just extra."

Really Fan Guy? Miami still made it to the Finals. After all the smoke and lights from the introduction show at AmericanAirlines Arena predicting 7 championships, this was supposed to happen INSTANTLY! It???' a complete joke that Miami defender could say without laughing, "next year is the year." Not this year in which they were two games away from winning the Finals. It would have been one thing if Miami went out in the first round of playoffs to Philadelphia, but they won two games in the Finals, but this entire thing was supposed to be next year.

Well Miami guy, next year is highly unlikely with a chance of probably not because there won???t be an NBA. And if there is a season, it will most likely be shortened which will garner an asterisk. Losing situation for Miami as far as I can see. Because if there is no season they have nothing to build on. You don???t build on almost winning a championship a few years ago, you build on what just happened. And if they win with a shortened season the haters aren???t going anywhere.

So go ahead Heat Fan and tell me I???m wrong. Go ahead and give me at least one valid reason next year will be Miami's year and not now. Give me one semi-intelligent answer along the lines of "Well they need just one more piece to the puzzle." And I???ll ask WHO? What are you going to do now, get Chris Paul? Maybe draw Dwight Howard away from Orlando? Let???s just get the entire 2008 Olympic roster together to play in South Beach. Every great player in the A can take their talents to Collins Avenue and party at the Clevelander. Better luck next year Miami, or make that two years.
June 13, 2011  08:56 AM ET

Decency beats arrogance. True TEAMS will always beat collections of self-absorbed stars. Anyone remember Red Auerbach's Celtics? Self-absorbers were not welcome.

June 13, 2011  02:28 PM ET

David Stern is the Commish claiming this league is broke so they can get sympathy from the players. Ways 2 make cheaper deals next year. Not happening. So he makes a fake-**** team 4 Madison Ave to push and the refs to rig a season for. Refs came correct in the finals and the real team won.

June 13, 2011  02:31 PM ET

Decency beats arrogance. True TEAMS will always beat collections of self-absorbed stars. Anyone remember Red Auerbach's Celtics? Self-absorbers were not welcome.

most heads on the net werent alive 2 see rick fox w/a high-top fade.


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