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June 24, 2011, 01:34 AM
The June 27th issue features the U.S. Open on the cover, as opposed to the Stanley Cup winning Boston Bruins. I hope this appeals to you're "legions" of die hard golf fans, because I promise you it does not sit well with hockey fans. Oh you OFFER a Bruins package for a nominal fee, but us subscribers get jipped on a rare, historical, monumental occasion for not only hockey but sports. Something that caliber of which did NOT happen in golf last week. And FYI, if your NEXT issue features them on the cover, then your magazine has become outdated and non-current. I am extremely disappointed. You practically had the mavs on the cover before events even unfolded in the NBA finals. And I know hockey may not be as popular as it used to be but this was the STANLEY CUP FINALS. Apparently meeting your bottom line is more important to you now than any love of sports you may or may not have. Shame on you guys SI.
June 25, 2011  11:12 AM ET

I agree with onwisconsin81. I'm a Boston Bruins fan since birth in 1965. It's ridiculaous and embarrasing that a distant picture of a par three at the US OPen is the feature of the cover. Bruins fans in particular have waited 39 years for this and we were ripped off. As well as sports fans across the US and Canada that should see the 4 big sports champions on the cover when the results are in. I called SI and their offer was to purchase the commemorative cover - I won't do it. This was a bad choice by SI.

June 27, 2011  12:07 PM ET

Maybe SI got it right. Boston is not many people's cup of tea.

June 27, 2011  12:54 PM ET

Hockey Fan,

We think your game is wierd and hard to follow. Esp on TV.

The Entire Sports Watching Public

June 27, 2011  01:04 PM ET

Doesn't matter what city you like or don't. I'm a Penguins fan and and a SPORTS fan feel ripped off. Any hockey fan should. Heck, Vancouver fans should feel ripped off.

July 5, 2011  04:47 AM ET

Sports ill is a joke anyway, it has not been relevant for many years and every time someone gets the cover, something bad happens. The B's won the cup and that is all that matters! BOSTON ROCKS!

July 8, 2011  11:36 AM ET

I agree. I can't believe SI put golf on the cover when the Bruins finally won a cup after 39 years! I notice that Basketball was well represented during the finals on SI's covers.

July 22, 2011  05:58 AM ET

I'm not even a Bruins fan, but I must agree. Had it been my team that won the Cup, I'd be furious that I didn't have an SI issue to frame or hold on to as a reminder of my team's great achievment.

July 27, 2011  10:19 AM ET

Shows you how out of touch SI is on this one.. Not because I am a Bs fan, but thought it was a very exiting Stanely Cup series and playoffs for all teams involved.

August 3, 2011  01:23 AM ET

i am a B's fan, former SI subscriber, but things like this (and the marginalization of hockey in general) are why i let my SI subscription lapse without thinking twice.

i get it that Boston teams have won a fistful of titles in the last 10 years and that annoys those of you who root for franchises that haven't been so lucky/successful, but this one was 39 years in the making, and as someone born about six months after their last Cup hoist, was one i didn't think i'd live to see.

seems it should merit a cover, especially over golf... the B's had to survive three game 7's, including one against the NHL's "best" team. the PGA talent pool has been second tier since a certain SUV ran into a tree on a Turkeyday weekend.


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