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June 27, 2011, 06:34 PM
This was a statement I read from our resident clown. "so much for Story! HA! What a bum..."

His entire training camp was designed against a standup and BJJ fighter, and not a guy with very good offensive wrestling i Marquardt. He did not train a lick of wrestling for this particular camp. Then he finds out he's fighting a fighter who is primarily an offensive wrestler on 24 hour notice.

He then gets outwrestled for 2 rounds and loses a 29-28 decision. This after winning 6 straight in the UFC with his last win coming against a top 5 WW in Alves.

So, I really want an explanation of how this makes him a bum Loki, you buffoon.

And then he adds HA! Like he found it enjoying to watch a tough kid Like Story lose.

Do you really even like MMA Loki? Seriously. I find it odd, that you love to just hate on every fighter. No compliments, no, what a great fight that was. Just negative s hit. Whats the deal? Do you hate yourself and your miserable life?

June 27, 2011  09:18 PM ET

Story is no bum. He took a fight against a great wrestler and fought well. He just got smothered.

June 27, 2011  09:21 PM ET

I'd watch Story fight everytime. The guy is great.

June 27, 2011  10:44 PM ET

Joe Rogan mentioned how he may have over-trained since he didn't really have a break since his last fight. It is certainly very possible. I wouldn't be surprised to see him rip off another string of wins after this loss.

June 28, 2011  12:04 AM ET

Looking forward to Loki's response...

June 28, 2011  01:05 AM ET

I'd watch Story fight everytime. The guy is great.

I like this.

June 28, 2011  01:16 AM ET

I have always considered Nate a wrestler....

When ever someone mentions Nate the first thing that comes to my mind is he is a wrestler...

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June 28, 2011  04:31 AM ET

Not me. I think striker and good ground game. Not a very good offensive wrestler. Story even admitted to not training any tdd for his fight with marquardt. Also coming off a fight against alves I doubt he trained any tdd for that fight. So he hasn't been drilling his tdd for some time now. He was drilling his striking and ground work for his fight with nate. Then boom he's fighting brenneman on 24 hours notice. A kid who has damn good wrestling. I think people need to realize the siuation he was in. This is why fighters have 8 week training camps. They drill down what they need to work on for an upcoming fight. 1 day is not sufficent time to prepare for a great wrestler when you've been drilling other aspects of your game.Bottom line is story was in a lose lose situation. Guys like loki are fickle as ****. One loss and your a bum I would bet he said that gsp was a bum after he lost to hughes or even serra but I then again he probably hasn't seen those fights. Fake **** mma "fan."

Well its not like Brenneman trained for story either.

June 28, 2011  05:08 AM ET

Story isn't a bum, but he isn't top tier. He didn't beat Alves, he just laid against him on the cage. The only round he actually tried to finish the fight he was beaten. He couldn't take Thiago down even, to lay on top of him.

June 28, 2011  05:11 AM ET

Furthermore I am disgusted by his classic "I trained for a striker" bull. Charlie outstruck him too, and was so much faster and more athletic then him.

You got beaten by a better fighter with a better skill set. Admit it and move on.

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June 28, 2011  02:08 PM ET

Other than the handful of times Story took Alves down he couldnt take him down. And other than outstriking him over 3 rounds, he couldnt do anything to Alves.

Ha! Story outstruck him in round 3? Insanity!

June 28, 2011  02:10 PM ET

Right, that was significant strike in round two and that 1 total strike in round 3 by Brenneman almost crucified Story. How did Rick survive that onslaught?

No one is debating that Ricky won the third.

But no one should debate that Alves won the third.

June 28, 2011  02:27 PM ET

Number of takedowns for Rick Story (In Alves fight):2 of 6
Number of takedowns for Thiago Alves(In story fight):2 of 3

Thiago outstruck "The Borrer" Story in round two as well, standing and on the ground, according to both FightMetric and Compustrike.

And the third? Alves outstruck him by a wide margin, and nearly finished the fight.

The only catagory that he outstruck Thiago in the second and third was perhaps knees to the thighs, which have nowhere near the impact of low kicks.

June 28, 2011  02:33 PM ET

And another thing, can everyone please stop acting like the triangle choke on Charlie in the third round from back mount was anything better than a good position. There was no chance of him finishing the fight from there.

You need to bring the arm across at least some to finish a choke like that, and from the position Ricky was in, that was impossible.

June 28, 2011  02:34 PM ET

Story even admitted to not training any tdd for his fight with marquardt.

A cowardly excuse.


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