MMA  > General MMA  > Crocop: Chael Sonnen???s IQ Isn???t Higher Than The Size Of His Shoes
July 14, 2011, 02:50 PM

???I never liked to say any trash talk about anyone and I never go low on that level.

Who is that guy???Chael Sonnen???I remember his face???I???m not the first one on which he had target on. When I was on UFC event last time I talked to some high ranked UFC official asking about this guy and saying: is he really crazy or just hungry for shameless promotion? The guy at UFC told me: He???s both. So that says it all. he is both a crazy person and hungry of promotion.I???m not angry or anything at Sonnen, but I will say one thing, I hope nobody gets offended, I dont wanna sound disgusting and I am certainly not fan of any anthropologic theories, but you can see on that guy???s face that he is limited and stupid and his IQ is not higher than the size of the shoes he???s wearing. His way of communication, his idiotic talks and mockery about legends such as Minotauro, Fedor, Wanderlei Silva and me, the people whose fame he will NEVER reach. I can???t be mad at him because he doesn???t understand some things, like a little child. To be angry at him would be equal for me being angry at my little son who does funky things around the house all the time.

He???s a child and he doesn???t understand, I can???t be angry at him! saying that fights in Japan were fixed and that me along with other guys like Silva, Minotauro etc. did not win those fights legitimately is an ultimate and absurd nonsense. I broke people???s bones, tore muscles, ribs, faces, inflicted some serious and heavy damages to my oponnents etc???I got hurt myself too from serious attacks???that is far far away from any fix and it just sounds incredible how this guy that cannot do anything for himself other than babble cannot do the job in the ring and get attention with his fights, not with his trash talk.

It is like saying that antilopes feed on tigers and not vice versa. That is the level of absurd that this guy brings. It doesn???t make any sense, that is seriously crazy stuff that this guy is talking.

I can???t believe that somebody would take this guy seriously. He barks like the dog, desperately trying to promote his fights because he doesnt know any other way, certainly not with his fights. He graduated with a degree in bullshitting. So he is not an ordinary idiot, he is an idiot that has diploma in bullshitting. This is democracy, any idiot can say whatever they want. I just wish if he had 20 kilos more (40+ pounds more), I would kick his **** so hard that the steam would be blowing out of his rude ****. Or maybe if he comes in Croatia as a tourist one of these days, I hope to find him at the beach and make a little ???conversation with him???.

The reporter wanted to press more on Sonnen after this but Cro Cop was brief to close this topic: ???Please don???t ask me more about this idiot. He is irrelevant. I really dont wanna waste any more of my time on this guy.???
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July 15, 2011  12:57 PM ET

Let them fight.

I bet that Sonnen cuts from almost 206, and he could do a Hendo and climb on the the scales at 206.5 and make this fight happen.

Mirko's TDD looked pretty sharp against 250 Schaub, he may very well be able to work over Sonnen.

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July 15, 2011  07:16 PM ET

Even this old CroCop would kill Sonnen. Way too big of a difference in size.


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