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July 26, 2011, 10:44 PM
Plexico Buress will get signed, but it depends on where Santonio Holmes Signes, then Sidney Rice, then Braylon Edwards. But in that trend, if your looking for a big target with some veteran experience for a bargain price theres Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Roy Williams.

Saint Louis picks up one of them,my guess would be the more expensive and/or best option for Sam Bradford to grow with. Sidney Rice. Sorry Seahawks.

Randy Moss and Terrell Owens will play as long as they want to. Terrell could go to Baltimore who just cut Derrick Mason, and may cut TJ next. He fills TJ's spot, and the Ravens are in busiiness.

Roy Williams signs with Cleveland at a discount price where expectations are not as high, and he can do well in a smaller market.

I'm a Jets fan, so hopefully the Jets resign Santanio and Braylon and keep the team in tact.

Antonio Cromartie signs with a team that needs a secondary superstar and can afford to spend a few dollars. My guess is he doesn't resign in NY and goes back to the west coast in Seattle to give the Seahawks a cover guy.

Nnamdi A the best corner of the decade goes from Oakland to Denver giving them a champ, a superman (Dawkins), and an Namdi. That allows them to blitz Dumervill and company and have good cover corners.

Todd Heap resigns with the Ravens, Derrick Mason retires for good. Willis Mcgahee goes to a team needing a good power back. I like Jacksonville. He's from Miami and could pair with Jones Drew.

Will anyone sign Vernon Gholston? I'm just saying. He can't be that bad.

Donovan Mcnabb goes to the Vikings, but Sidney Rice leaves. That leaves Steve Breaston who they snag from the Cards. Steve and Percy Harvin form the new nucleus of WR's for Donovan.

Kevin Kolb is not that good. I'm just saying. If a guy has as many TD's as INT's and wins 50% of his games, why is he a franchise QB? If he wants to leave Philly, maybe some team other than the Cards take him for a 2nd rounder.
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July 27, 2011  04:18 PM ET

randy moss to the j-e-t-s ,.....[good-luck].

I think Randy & T.O. could form a comedy act. Dumb & Dumber.

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July 27, 2011  05:55 PM ET

Aso to Denver? Ha!

July 27, 2011  06:12 PM ET

When the season starts, I am going to my big leather lounge chair, and watch my 50" flat screen! That's where you will find

July 28, 2011  03:14 PM ET

Kolb to AZ for DRC and a 2nd rounder...

July 28, 2011  03:21 PM ET

Kolb to AZ for DRC and a 2nd rounder...

A 5 year deal for $63 million!! Wow.

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July 28, 2011  04:37 PM ET

party over your place !!

Hahahahaha.......gotta find it first!

July 28, 2011  04:39 PM ET

A 5 year deal for $63 million!! Wow.

Kolb is probably singing the old Steve Miller Band Song "Take the Money and Run".......

July 28, 2011  04:45 PM ET

Kolb is probably singing the old Steve Miller Band Song "Take the Money and Run".......

The thing that I really find interesting about the trade and proposed salary is that Arizona had good positioning with Minnesota, Seattle and SF already agreeing to deals with their new QBs. I figured with no one else in the bidding war, they would be able to get Kolb for a third or higher round pick.

For a QB with only 7 starts under his belt, Eagles made out pretty well in this deal.

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July 28, 2011  07:49 PM ET

The best signing thus far, is Sidney Rice at Seattle. He is a fine, young WR.

That means we'll be getting a steady Sunday brunch of Curry & Rice?

(gawd that was ugly)

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July 28, 2011  08:04 PM ET

Don't quit your day job.

LOL - yeah .... that was pretty bad

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