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August 1, 2011, 08:40 AM
After watching Jerry Angelo go in front of the press, and give that BS...
He has proved my point, that he is not up to the job.

What a wasted opportunity!!!!
August 1, 2011  08:51 AM ET

No... no, he is not. But he does seem to find the best Blue Light Specials that free agency has to offer.

August 1, 2011  09:24 AM ET

After watching Jerry Angelo go in front of the press, and give that BS...He has proved my point, that he is not up to the job.What a wasted opportunity!!!!

You complain too much. The Bears did win the NFC North last season.

August 1, 2011  09:25 AM ET

No... no, he is not. But he does seem to find the best Blue Light Specials that free agency has to offer.

There is nothing wrong with that.

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August 2, 2011  11:04 AM ET

It's not just JA, it stems from Virginia McCaskey down through accountant/CEO Ted Phillips and on down to GM JA, assistant GM Tim Ruskell. I can't finger only JA when the entire group as a whole are all incompetent, Virginia even admitted it during a press conference a few years back. JA is basically Ted Phillips puppet spokes person. It's the blind leading the blind with Virginia heading up the group resting on George "Papa Bear" Halas's laurels and legacy.

August 2, 2011  11:33 AM ET

BG, you can always change your name to a Japanese one....................Tu Ji Tedokumiku.

August 2, 2011  11:41 AM ET

Q: You have talked before about being unexpectedly thrust into the role of owner. Can you elaborate on the importance of maintaining the legacy?

A: I think it's important that all of our family remembers that we really haven't done anything to earn this. We're just the recipients of a tremendous legacy. I use the word custodian, and we want to pass it on the best way we can.

Q: Giving yourself enough credit?

A: It was a bumpy road a lot of times, how I should sell the team and give Chicago competent ownership. OK, maybe I'm not competent, but Ed and I found the people to do the job. Actually, we found Ted Phillips and he found Jerry Angelo and Jerry Angelo found Lovie Smith. And here we are.

Transcript of Virginia McCaskey interview

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August 2, 2011  12:20 PM ET

Dude you do not know what hell is like. Try being a Dodger and Raider fan.
nuff said

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August 2, 2011  12:35 PM ET

But the public perception is that it is Jerry Angelo.Every year he thinks he has enough to win...They lose...They go get a few good free agents, they go to NFC Championship game...It is a vicious cycle, and after that third or fouth year after losing, they have a winning season and then, they extend the contracts of the dumb **** duo.They were a year ahead of schedule last year, and did not is heartbreaking as a fan to see every team in your division get better, except the Bears. Maybe if the **** clean our clock real good, they will get the message. For the # 2 market in the NFL only wanting to compete every few years is disgusting.

Sure the perception is JA, Virginia and Phillips need someone to take the heat and focus off of them. You read Virginia's speech and her mentioning "Custodian" and "Incompetent" not the things you want to hear from an owner. Phillips is an accountant not a football guy and manages the teams finances accordingly, Phillips has the final word on major signings and sets the dollar amount spent on said free agents and Angelo has to work within those confines, if you ever notice in his speeches it's usually always WE came to this decision not I came to this decision.

I would blame JA if he was allowed full team control but he's not it's by committee/collaboration between Phillips, JA and the coaches. Olsen wasn't traded away due to lack of performance but because he didn't fit in Martz's scheme, Kreutz wasn't resigned due to a dollar amount fixed to the position rather from a football guys point of view, this is an accountant/CEO running the finances.

JA was defensive in talk with the reporters last week and if you caught it he mentioned he's in the solution business, he has Lovie and the coaches on one hand telling him they need players and on the other side he has Phillips telling him what he can spend, so he has to come up with a solution to resolve the difference get players with X amount of money.

August 2, 2011  01:33 PM ET

Truth is the whole front office is incompetent and should all share in the blame the mess they all have created. I'll stop there and see how the season plays out before I gripe anymore, all we can do as fans is set back and watch anyway, I see both good and bad points going into the season but it all could come together and surprise or crumble like a house of cards, that's why they play the game and not left up to us decide.

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August 2, 2011  02:23 PM ET

Any GM's hands would be tied with the Bears since they do not have total control like other GM's do, this way of running the team works for those with knowledgeable owners like the Steelers and their owners the Rooney's. Virginia however is not in the same class as the Rooney's when it comes to football knowledge and has entrusted that power to Ted Phillips who is a glorified accountant.

A good article from a few years back by Pat Kriwin NFL annalist for, he explains differences in some clubs GM's powers and classifies them by group types.

"A look at recent front-office hirings will help categorize the candidates into four groups. Group 1 is comprised of experienced executives with a track record who are possibly looking for work, or the Rich McKay model, the former Atlanta Falcons GM.

Group 2 is a relatively new concept where a proven coach now takes over the front office rather than coach the team, or the Bill Parcells model, for lack of a better term.

Group 3 is the proven club executive that does not have total GM power. He can be lured if you hand him the keys to the kingdom, and as such this group will be labeled the Jerry Angelo model after the Chicago Bears GM.

Group 4 is the young understudy who has paid his dues and is ready for the challenge. This group will be labeled the Thomas Dimitroff group after the Atlanta Falcons GM."

Full article at link below.

Need a GM? Here's a short list of the best candidates

August 2, 2011  02:35 PM ET

And of course he was a first-time GM just like all their head coaches were first-time head coaches - because they came cheaper that way.

Excellent point. Every coach since Ditka has been an assistant getting his first shot at the HC slot. I guess the only upside to that mentality is that the front office isn't recycling retreads. Too bad that's only $$$-related and not part of a master plan to find quality coaching.

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