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August 4, 2011, 05:25 PM
In what can only be described as a glaring oversight, the fact remains that Howard Cosell still has neither been inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, nor posthumously bestowed the Pete Rozelle Award. Since he more than fits, let alone exceeds, the given criteria for both, it's time to make things right and get Howard Cosell enshrined in Canton, OH.
As his grandson, and on behalf of my family, I've created a Facebook page and YouTube video to argue Howard's case, make people aware of this "oversight" and make it known to the NFL and Pro Football Hall of Fame that it needs to be rectified. Please visit both and decide for yourselves. Thank you.
Facebook Group:
YouTube Video:
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August 4, 2011  06:36 PM ET

I used to enjoy listening to him, although he used a lot of words I thought he had made when he and Don Meredith would get it on, that made for good entertainment.......

RIP both

August 4, 2011  07:10 PM ET

I miss Howard Cosell. Not only did he know his football, he was very entertaining. The current group on Monday Night Football bores me to death.

August 4, 2011  07:49 PM ET

I think many, many people will be shocked when they find out he's not in the HOF yet. He made football mainstream, and not only that, but the NFL and the advertisers made big $$$ owing to the success of ABC Monday Night Football. I saw where MNF director Chet Forte even said something like, "...without Cosell, there was no Monday Night Football." Both Don Meredith and Frank Gifford already got their "Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Awards" for their part in Monday Night Football. Funny thing... I remember MNF as a "team," a trio of 3 guys not just two. To be perfectly honest, your grandfather Howard Cosell was the "soul" of Monday Night Football. Even the broadcast media today, to an extent owes thanks to Cosell for paving the way. He will always be known as an icon, the legend he was (or is) partly because he would take risks to "Tell it like it is." Roone Arledge hired Cosell as "color-commentator" and he nailed it! Hmmmmm.... I just checked and Arledge got his Pete Rozelle Award already too. So we have a "Pro Football Hall of Fame" with no mention of Howard Cosell in it??? Amazing. Someone in the media with some real courage should grab this story and run with it. The time has come and that's the proper way to finally acknowledge the Cosell legacy.

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August 4, 2011  07:58 PM ET

Howard Cosell has been black balled for having the stones to challenge the networks. He was villanized and passed over for more high paying jobs because he dared to speak out. He was one of the only people in the sports media to defend Muhammed Ali when they were trying to convict him of draft dodging. I prefer Cosell over the sock puppets that blather away on television with no clue what they're talking about

August 4, 2011  07:58 PM ET

how did Chris Berman beat Howard to the H.O.F. ?

He has a better toupee?

August 4, 2011  08:41 PM ET

Who else but Howard Cosell, had interviews with the greatest NFL players and coaches of the Monday Night Football era such as Roger Staubach, Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Fran Tarkenton, Franco Harris, O.J. Simpson, Don Shula, Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle and many others. Sure, he stirred the pot, but isn???t that why he was hired by Roone Arledge and MNF ultimately so successful? His place in the overall history and the success of Monday Night Football (MNF) and to the greater game of football needs to be recognized. For a variety of reasons, the voting process in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton has some procedural problems with the voting process. Despite the fact that it is supposed to be based on merit, getting into the HOF is "political." Cosell's addition to the NFL HOF will be good start in restoring the legitimacy of the process.

Peter King article on problems in the hall of fame. html

August 4, 2011  09:07 PM ET

You had to love Howard. MNF has never been the same since. if the NFL has a hard time electing Charles Haley, Eddie Debartolo into the Hall of Fame, then things don't look promising for Howard. The only problem I see in letting Howard into the Hall is that somewhere in the future someone at FOX would get the crazy idea of putting Joe Buck on the list.

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August 4, 2011  10:10 PM ET

He has a better toupee?

If he did get his bust made would it come with a toupee. The toupee alone should be in some sort of Hall of Fame. My mothers uncle wore a toupee, when he died his wife asked if anyone knew someone that needed one. Everyone cringed and laughed about it except my moms aunt who thought it was a generous offer considering how much he paid for it. Everyone used to kid each other behind her back saying guess what you're getting for Christmas. Uncles toupee.

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August 4, 2011  10:38 PM ET

I had an uncle that wore a cheap rug. He had dinner at our house when I was a kid and I remember that darn thing falling in his soup. I think I got sick after I saw that.

Soup de toupee.

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August 4, 2011  10:44 PM ET

i don't understand how/why people wear those things........unless, you're an actor[?].

Vanity. Balding is a sign of aging. I would think that in todays world where guys shave their heads and some consider it to be stylish that toupees would be a thing of the past. If that were true you wouldn't see so many people selling scalp stimulants on TV.

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August 5, 2011  10:38 AM ET

I dont think Howard Cosell should be in the NFL H.O.F. He was not a player, coach, not anything directly connected to the NFL. He was just a tv announcer, he should be in a H.O.F. for sports / announcers, and nothing more.

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