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January 4, 2009, 05:13 PM
I've been reading the ongoing soap opera of Marbury vs. the front office. I've most recently heard that he may be headed to Boston or San Antonio. Before that I've heard that he may be heald on the team until after March, just so he can't go to a playoff contender on the Knicks dime.

This is my solution. I went a website that shows player salaries. Marbury currently is holding the 6th highest salary at 20.8 million or so this season. However, a little below him is another underachiever at 9th highest paid. Tracy McGrady is making 20.3 million this season, and his contract is up in 2010. (

McGrady is averaging a career low 15 PPG, and is getting a bad rap in Houston right now. His knee is going bad, and the team thinks he's quitting. My question is this, is it better to have a Marbury sitting on the bench all season, and then being paid to get let go, sign to a contender and beat the Knicks all season for the next year or two? it better to find a way to trade him to Houston for Tracy McGrady who the Rockets may be getting tired of? Marbury and cash, to the Rockets for McGrady, I think is a reasonable trade.

The Rockets would get a fresh face and both players could use a change of scenery. Marbury plays well when he's a 2nd or 3rd option behind Ming, and Artest. McGrady was breaking down physically all year, and a healthy Marybury is better than an ailing slowly falling apart McGrady.

The Knicks would get a happy McGrady who is in a new place with a change of scenery. They get a viable backcourt scorer to take the pressure off. He wouldn't need to play 30 or 40 minutes a game, because the guy he's replacing played 0 minutes a game. The Knicks get a jumpstart, a player that can play PG, or at least initiate the offense. He wouldn't fall apart quite as fast if he starts out playing more minutes, but subs in for Q-Richardson, and Duhon, as well as Chandler.

In my mind it's a perfect match, salary wise, as well as both teams needing to shake some things up roster-wise. McGrady is also signed only until 2010. I'm sure Donnie Walsh can get creative and figure a way to lure the Rockets into this. Lets make this deal happen Knicks!!!!! Don't let Steph go for nothing!


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