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June 5, 2007, 02:52 PM
Any thoughts from true intelligent fans that actually follow this great Conference? Not just fans of one team that have no clue how other teams in the SEC are playing.

I believe the East is anyone's game. I'm not sure how the Gators are going to be with a new QB (even if it is Tebow) and a lot of new Def. I think Georgia has nowhere but up to go after the disaster of a season they had in '06 and the Vols could be a threat anytime. With USC and Kentucky having some surprising recruits and some upsets they could even be in the mix. Maybe not for the Champ Game but could mess a contenders season up. Sorry Vandy no comment.

The West will be very interesting. LSU is the favorite but I am not convinced of their QB situation either. A lot of hype from SI and ESPN for this QB but I believe there is a lot of ball to be played. Auburn is solid and I think they will have another good season (as sick as that makes me feel) Roll Tide!. Arkansas is a toss-up. They had a great season in '06 but honestly they got lucky a few times, no offense intended. The Tide will be better than the media believes but not perfect as some of the fans that are not being honest with themselves think. It will be tough for the players to adopt and be successful at a new system from a new Coach first time around. However I believe that Bama would have been better in '07 regardless of who the Coach was. They have a lot of underrated talent like the QB, that might surprise a few people. As for the two Miss teams. This might shock some of you but if you have been following them you will agree. I believe the Coach for the Rebels is turning it around. I think that they will be a contender in the next few years if everything keeps moving the way it has. He is a great recruiter and pretty good play caller. They have put up some good fights against some strong teams. On the other hand Miss State???? I can remember when that name meant good football. There is not many people that can say that. I hope that we can say that again in the future.

Crimson Tide fan first and forever, SEC fan for life!


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