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August 29, 2011, 03:47 AM
JC played a well managed game, albeit a pre-season game but still a whole lot better than what Alex Smith was not able to do in the Niners game with Houston on Saturday. But what is it that Campbell is still lacking to become a consistently good managing game QB?

Also, I did like the Raiders RB, Taiwan (not made in Chyna) Jones, fantastic name for a Pirate! I can see him stepping up and carrying the load while McFadden is out. Who is this guy, Derek Hagan? He had a whale of a game. Playing in the AFC West, the Raiders have a decent shot, but the games outside their conference is a killler schedule, I see the Raiders at 7-9. Here is my early prediction of Raider Nation 2011:

L Raiders lose a close one to the Broncos, Campbell gets first game jitters.

W It's the Bills for goodness sake.

L JETS Defense will be key on a weaker Oakland Offensive line.

L Brady will have a field day, much like Brees and Chase Daniels had in Pre-season.

L Again, the Offensive line will not give Campbell time and Schaub/Johnson show will be to much to overcome.

W Raiders barely win this one - home field advantage as this will be young McCoy's first time at the real "Dawg Pound".

W Raiders win the first round against the Chiefs.

L Broncos pull out a close game with a better QB and a weaker Pass Defensive for the Raiders.

L Chargers Offense will be to much with Jackson back.

L Vikings still have enough on Offense and Raiders Pass Defense continues to haunt the team.

W It's Chad Henne, not Chasae McDaniels.

W Jay Cutler.

L Welcome to Rodgers Neighborhood.

L Lions Defense will manhandle the Raiders Offensive line and Stafford, if healthy, will connect with CJ or use him as a decoy much like how the Pats did with Moss.

W Cassel.

W I look for Pryor to come in and win a meaningless game as the Chargers win the AFC West once again.
August 29, 2011  05:17 AM ET

*Before DJ get's wind of this, it should be Chase Daniel.

August 29, 2011  12:14 PM ET

i think we will come in around 7-9 as well - I just would tweak some of your games. Cleveland is rougher than advertised, Chiefs will take their home game, and we take both from Denver.

August 29, 2011  12:55 PM ET

Campbell played well and I think all that's missing for him is a connection with the receivers. They are young and having lost Miller who was his favorite go to guy, he'll need to work at getting on the same page with the guys we have.

Taiwan Jones has great instincts, fast footwork and is not afraid to run up the middle. Some of the cuts he made to the outside were incredible and I love that he doesn't just give up on a play but rather looks for another way to get more yards. He also carries the ball high and tight - which usually is something that is learned after a year of fumbles. Great pick up by the Raiders!

Derek Hagan most definitely earned his roster spot yesterday. I honestly don't remember signing him, but it will be great to have veteran leadership for the young receivers.

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September 3, 2011  11:53 PM ET

I so far have no confidence in the defensive backfield. I'm going to predict a 9-7 finish, with maybe a slight chance to make it 10-6 and sneak in the playoffs as a wildcard (Yes, I'm a homer) But if the DB play doesn't improve, that could easily change to 7-9 or even 6-10.

I'm really hoping the secondary was just playing vanilla yesterday. If not, we are in trouble. The schedule isn't a cakewalk by any means.

September 11, 2011  08:25 PM ET

Good luck Raiders on your Monday night game with the Broncos!



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