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September 19, 2011, 09:35 AM
Do we even have a chance? Ok,it's in Chicago, but the Bears and Packers have won in each others stadiums many times recently. So the home field advantage isn't as big as it usually is against other teams.

The Packers are 2-0 and are looking like Super Bowl Champs should. The Bears are coming back from a disasterous Saints game which almost nothing went right. I'm really more upset with Martz's play calling in the 2nd half than how the players played. Add in the injuries to 6 or more key players and we could be in more trouble than it looks. Admittedly none of them are season ending injuries, but every sack the Saints had came after the injury to Carimi at the end of the 2nd quarter. Not a good sign. Especially when you look at the O Line and see two replacements on the right side. Omiyale is horrible and I wonder if Spencer and Garza wouldn't be better switched. Plus the blocking of the TE's on De's was simply bad. Something that will give Tice plenty to work on this week.

We had absolutely no running game in the 2nd half. Cutler couldn't get the signals out to the players to hear since he was kicked in the throat, but he did stay in and fought like a PARATROOPER!!! The Safety position was in total confusion once Wright went out. Or was it when Harris went out in the Atlanta game? Either way that position failed us miserably. Not what you want when playing a passing team like the Saints. The corner play was actually pretty good between Jennings and Tillman. I wasn't happy with the pressure the DL didn't apply though. Something that you must have if you are going to beat Brees.

Over all it looked to me like the offense was in total confusion with no one knowing or finding the right person to block. This also was seen to be a problem on screen plays where two or three men stood around watching the Saint player tackle the RB!!!??? Come on guys block someone. But once the Saints went up 16-13 the Bears abandoned their running game that had worked in the first half. Ok so we were down 23-13, there was still a quarter and a half of football to be played. Why panic and abandon the run game? Running would have at least made it a closer game and might have gotten us back into the game.

I blame most of this loss on Martz and his playcalling. I hope he/Lovie learn something from this game or this weekend against the Packers we will only see more of the same type of disasterous play. GO BEARS!!!
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September 19, 2011  10:50 AM ET

If Williams is still out it can go either way. I hope So'oto gets some playing time. Also hope House is healthy. COllins will most likely be out.

September 19, 2011  10:51 AM ET

Also Peppers should be able to get pressure on ROdgers. The Packers Oline looked like shit last week.

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September 19, 2011  06:08 PM ET

Dom Capers can't wait for Sunday

September 19, 2011  07:06 PM ET

RIGHT-NOW there's a lot of 2-0 teamz looking like superbowl contenders,.....but it's waaayyy too early to ''crown'' thoze packerz ! [m.op.]

I haven't heard many people crown them the champs yet, in fact, i've heard a lot of the analysts are doing some nice talking about them Pats of yours!

September 19, 2011  07:07 PM ET

I heard that Pro Bowl safety Nick Collins may not suit up against the Bears because of a head injury suffered in yesterday's game.

Collins is done for the season.

September 19, 2011  07:11 PM ET

Collins is done for the season.

Yes Alaska, Collins is out and hopefully it isn't a career ending injury. The guy has been playing at a Pro Bowl level for the past two years and it won't be easy to replace him.

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September 19, 2011  07:13 PM ET

RIGHT-NOW there's a lot of 2-0 teamz looking like superbowl contenders,.....but it's waaayyy too early to ''crown'' thoze packerz ! [m.op.]

I don't think anyone is crowning the Packers.

September 19, 2011  07:23 PM ET

The state of Bears Offensive Line continues to completely dishearten. Injuries have not helped either. Cutler cannot afford to become a human tackling dummy every single week. This guy already has fog on the brain in week no. 2. There is simply no disguising or hiding a bad offensive line.

September 20, 2011  02:27 AM ET

There are 16 games in the current NFL season. That is 4 months long. Alot of things can happen between the beginning and the end. Many teams start strong and disappear later in the season. Does anyone remember the Bronco's start 2 years ago? I think they started 7-0 and then finished with an 8-8 season. Injuries etc all are part of it. We shall see, that's why they play the games right?

Even if the Bears lose to the Packers, they would be 1-2 which is better than many people were predicting. The loss of Carimi for several games will hurt along with our other injured players, but I personally think the play calling is more important. We have to get Martz to call a good BALANCED game that fits the Bears personel or replace him. GO BEARS!!!

September 20, 2011  07:52 PM ET

I know, I'm probably dreaming with my comment of replacing Martz, but I would love to see Tice elevated to OC! That way he would be in postition for HC when Lovie retires maybe in 2 years or so, and he could strengthen the Bears Offense while he is at it. I talk about Lovie retiring because most NFL coaches do so after 10 years. I know I can only hope right? GO BEARS!!!

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September 20, 2011  09:01 PM ET

i was kind of addressing the original-poster's comment [bearzfan].,.....i only hear about brady's passing #'s/records right now,....i hope pats stay on back-burner for now . ; )

Brady is my starting Fantasy League QB and has led my team to a 2-0 start. I hope he keeps a hot hand for the rest of the season.

September 20, 2011  10:33 PM ET

Yeah I agree pretty much. Defense was burned in red zone too easily also. They protect areas not people. The receiver stood still while facing the QB. Caught a short throw. Nobody moved towards the ball until it was caught. The last 3 sacks of Cutler were so bad the rush men were not even slowed down. M.Tice will work all week with O-Line which has to play better. Martz must call smarter plays. We have won big games with defense and superior special teams play. Create some turnovers. Play field position. Quick pass plays. Put pressure on Rodgers. Keep your fingers crossed and hope Cutler can survive long enough to win.

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September 20, 2011  11:55 PM ET

The Bears look painfully similar to how they did in 2010 and the Packers look like they should have in the regular season last year. But I'm taking the Bears to kick some serious Packer **** Sunday.
Don't know why. I have a feeling I guess! Good luck to the Bears, my friend, I'm rooting for them this week!

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