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September 25, 2011, 04:39 PM
Your starting to earn respect, gotta love it, about time your feared again (for more than your weather).
Your sneaking up on teams is over though, you don't beat the best and stay under the radar.
September 25, 2011  07:26 PM ET

A bit of a messy game - but its been a LONG time coming...
Something feels weird about saying "AFC East leading Buffalo Bills".

Go Bills!!!

September 25, 2011  07:29 PM ET

Wish I had seen this one. Got crap in the DC area today.

September 25, 2011  07:31 PM ET

Did the Bills win?

September 25, 2011  07:33 PM ET

Great game, caught bits and pieces via an online stream of NFL game to watch I'm sure!

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September 25, 2011  07:48 PM ET

OMG Patriots haha Bills put it to you.

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September 25, 2011  08:16 PM ET

On BOTH sides...

Hence my comment about it being a messy game...
The Pats played characteristically good the first half and uncharacteristically bad the second half.

Penalties all over the place (and a fair number of uncalled ones - also on both teams). Not too mention the Bills actually having smart coaching for once - running down the clock instead of taking the easy TD.

Frankly though - the Bills bounced back from their mistakes and got a few lucky breaks - which isn't usually the case... so they WERE the better team today.

Still a long season to go though...

Go Bills!

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September 25, 2011  10:30 PM ET

*mother fallin-down drunk right now*

They are still 2-1 with 13 to go. I still think they'll win their division.

September 25, 2011  10:43 PM ET

4 ints explains a lot.

I think Tom Brady was trying to impersonate Brett Favre.

September 25, 2011  10:57 PM ET

Congrats to the Bills. A well deserved win.

September 26, 2011  01:56 AM ET

Good job, Bills.

You're on the radar, now. Now go keep it up.

September 26, 2011  01:57 AM ET

Nice to see the Bills win this today, it was a great game. As a fellow long-suffering fan of a team who breaks your heart season after season (Browns fan here), I love seeing the Bills at 3-0, and breaking the losing streak to the Pats. WTG Bills! You could see it in the players faces, they weren't going to leave without that win.


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