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September 30, 2011, 10:44 AM
I can just feel the Ozzie haters saying that I most be crazy for suggesting that Mr. Guillen's number be retired by the White Sox's .

Lets revisit White Sox history folks:

The White Sox's had not won a World series since 1917, Ozzie won it in 2005 in only his second year as a skipper, lets do the math together folks......ok are you done.....that's 88 years, please correct me if I'm wrong, that's a heck of a long wait to win a championship.

We can also talk about his winning record and his division championships but lets also remember he was a very good player for the Sox's.

Ozzie also made the baseball team relevent, just about every week you would see a story on ESPN about the Sox's and Ozzie, even if you are a hater you got to agree he was good for Chicago.

Can we agree on that.

One more piece of history that most fans might not be aware of, the White Sox's pulled a similar trade in 1963 when they did not want to pay the great hall of fame shortstop Luis Aparicio, they treaded him to the Orioles.

I guess there is a pattern there, the Sox's don't reward a great job, just my humble opinion.

Maybe Mr. Jerry Reinsdorf and Mr. Ken Williams should take a look at the teams history,

they should of paid the Guillen the big money, he deserved it.

I have a feeling that Mr. Williams and Mr. Reinsdorf will make history in the next three years when the Sox's take a dive in the standings this dynamic duo will be known as Chicago's two-thirds version of the three stooges.

Bad move gentleman, bad move, I feel your egos got in the way, good luck.

On a side note: The city of Chicago has two baseball teams, they have been waiting 191 years for a world series title, Guillen brought the great city of Chicago the only World Series title in a century.

Retiring his jersey might not be enough, a statue in the middle of the city may be more appropriate.

Just saying.

As always this is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough said.

October 4, 2011  04:07 PM ET

no haters


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