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October 4, 2011, 12:42 PM
Watching the games? Post with your pals about it, here. Rants, raves, and the usual expressions of CFB Fans caught up in the action are always welcome. Otherwise, keep it on topic or expressions of humor and the like.
October 4, 2011  12:43 PM ET

Getting this up a little early so Van doesn't wet the floorboards.

October 4, 2011  12:46 PM ET

Thursday sports a enticing match-up: Cal at Oregon.

Friday, Boise invades Fresno in a battle of State Us.

Saturday truly is GAME DAY! With more exciting contests than can be mentioned by me in one posting.

October 4, 2011  01:59 PM ET

Van should have an interesting day on Saturday. AFA has a history of playing big programs tight or simply not showing up for a game or two in the season. ND might be in for a good dogfight.

October 5, 2011  09:34 AM ET

Air Force really hasn't played anyone of Notre Dames calibur,, I mean who have they beat so far,, Navy,, NAVY!!! Give me a brake ,,,,navy, heck everybody beats up on Navy.

The mighty Irish D keeps the hood tied tight over the Falcons head, while NDs offense runs up the score.

Coach Kelly said the other day something like,,,, 500 yards a game should equal over 40 points a game,, that's are goal, start making the score board match our offensive 500 yards. And of course no turnovers!!

October 5, 2011  11:19 AM ET


our**.. sorry,, didn't have me Irish coffee in me yet.. Ok I'm ready for the day to start!!

October 5, 2011  11:23 AM ET

Getting this up a little early so Van doesn't wet the floorboards.

Thanks Tin,, they are getting pretty squeaky me friend.

October 5, 2011  01:11 PM ET

I mean who have they beat so far,, Navy,, NAVY!!! Give me a brake ,,,,navy, heck everybody beats up on Navy.

Your memory is short, my fine Domer... maybe short circuited ;-)

October 6, 2011  01:29 PM ET

If you're like me, tonight, you'll tune in to Mid-Tn (1-3) vs W. KY (0-4) for an hour & a half until the Cal - Oregon game comes on (9:00 PM EDT). .

October 6, 2011  01:49 PM ET

Wow, a combined 1-7.... So there is a hill country version of the annual battle of New Mexico. Might be fun to tune into for a bit.

October 6, 2011  08:02 PM ET

About to watch the Ducks bump.

October 6, 2011  08:48 PM ET

About to watch the Ducks bump.

Could be a good one! Lets hope!

October 6, 2011  09:17 PM ET

Now watch the Ducks make a liar out of me. LOL!

October 6, 2011  09:29 PM ET

I meant to say something about those fowl new Oregon throwback jerseys. I'm not a fan.

October 6, 2011  10:18 PM ET

Cal's playin' some D.

October 6, 2011  10:19 PM ET

AND movin' the ball.
TD Cal.

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October 7, 2011  12:16 AM ET

The injury to James' arm looks pretty bad from the replay.

October 7, 2011  12:33 AM ET

Duckie D holds after a 1st and goal.

October 7, 2011  02:03 AM ET

Paws up to LJ.

LaMichael just held a press conf and said that his elbow was knocked out of place, the x-rays were negative, and he's currently in a sling.

Then he added, "I don't do well with medicine, so I'm gonna have to tough it out."

That is 1 tough cookie .... er Duckie!

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