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October 13, 2011, 10:23 PM
I am sure most of you have heard about the stage fair tragedy here in Indianapolis last summer. The video was shown more times than Janest Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. They have a cap on lawsuits here in Indiana, it is aproximately 5 million dollars. That money is for ALL victims, of which there were seven fatalities and more than a dozen serious injuries. The state fair comission has spent over a million dollars on the investigation at this point and the investigation is not over. This is starting to sound like the monica lewinski investigation. They spent 200 million investigating a blow&job and only 15 million investigating 911...WOW

Indiana is paying out 35,000 a peice for the dead
*if you spent 10 or more days in the hospital 25 grand...
So the difference between life and death is a mere 10 thousand....that is just a slap in the face to all those who perished...I am embarassed for my state right now.
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October 13, 2011  11:04 PM ET

Also...while I am at it... I have a friend who had a pacreas transplant a few years back and she has been in and out of the hospital ever since. She is on more medications than Micheal Jackson (if thats possible) She smokes weed to help her eat and deal with the trauma of being chronically ill and unable to live a normal life. I really don't blame her. Recently our wonderful state started drug testing folks for all government benefits including reduced or free health care from privately owned hospitals. As a citizen of this country I have always felt that benefits were being abused and should be monitored more closely for fraud, but now I see what the real impact is on people who will slip through the proverbial cracks. My friend (allegedly) tested positive for the Maryjane, and she was warned, as she should have been, but she continued smoking, mainly because they had taken away alot of her meds because they were destroying her kidneys (prescribed meds) So now years of opiates and mood drugs as well as anti rejection meds are being taken away and because of the maryjane(the only med that works left) she is most likely to lose all her disability and medicaid, essentially killing her, or at the very least destroying what little life she has right now. Is this happening in anyones elses state and how do you feel about people getting all their government assistance taken away because of addiction to drugs(illness)

JD (and anyone else reading who has friends with issues like this),

Drug companies have programs to assist with medications. If you go directly to the manufacturers, divulge your income and you qualify, a lot of times you can get meds at a steep discount or even for free. I would have your friend contact the mfgs and find out what's available. The fact is, the drug companies get write offs for charity cases and they LOVE that. And charity cases can even apply to those that are working with lesser incomes.

Your friends situation is sad and I wish the best of luck to her.

October 13, 2011  11:05 PM ET

And, gotta sign off. We can talk more about this if you like JD.

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October 14, 2011  09:51 AM ET

What about pharmaceutical companies no longer manufacturing drugs that actually help keep people alive because there's not enough profit to be made? That should be illegal!

Many of these companies are not American owned.

October 14, 2011  09:52 AM ET

You should dislike some of them. Some of them are malevolent.

My brother works for Aon Insurance and he's not malevolent.

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