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January 15, 2009, 08:41 AM
As a life long Rams fan I just wanted to give my input for your consideration as you re-tool our team. My first Rams game was way beck when Roman Gabriel was the QB. I've been through the Ground Chuck era, John Robinson era and so on. So I sit here now thinking about this opportunity with a measure of hope. Here is what this Rams fan wants.

Please don't build a one-shot-wonder yet again. Been through it in '79 with Vince and the boys and then again in 99 (but at least we won). The follow-on years are way too hard to handle. You had the dyanasty in the making but your recently departed management screwed that up starting first with the release of London Fletcher. It was all down hill from there. But that is over now and a new front office is in place for the most part and lets start over.

Get an offensive line. Everybody knows it all starts there. We are tired of hearing the excuses and suffering through "projects", just get some beef in there.

Get a defensive identity. You need that character player who is the heat and soul of an aggressive COMPETANT group of guys that will not be beat. Defense will win championships every time (duh).

We aren't asking you to scour the grocery stores for another Kurt so quit looking backwards. Bulger is a really good QB but even Kurt faded after getting beat up week after week. Did I mention Get an Offensive Line yet?

Now, lets get a blocking back that can plow the road. We need a hammer back there again. Dickerson had one, Marshall had one, how about giving Jackson one.

Now the coach. Not a task master or rookie project from the college ranks. Get someone who eeks competancy. Get someone that will get the unconditional and immediate respect of the players. Personally, I'm ok with Haslett. He had an impossible job given the state of the team after the years of gross mismanagement. Sorry to be blunt but the truth sometimes hurts. And as I recall Vermeil had a couple of pretty rough years before he changed into a players coach and ran the table even after his starting QB tore up his knee in preseaon.

Keep it simple: Competant Coach, Offensive Line, Defensive Identify.

Oh, and once you get those try supporting them from the front office. You might really like the results!

September 8, 2011  01:17 PM ET

Alright...who got their **** deleted to drag up this oldass thread??

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