October 19, 2011, 05:54 PM
Okay, here are my initial thoughts on the World Series roster:

-Glad to see Skip back, he gives us a little more versatility within the position players.

-I probably would have rather seen McClellan or Sanchez on the roster instead of Boggs......but that is just me.

- I would rather have Jackson pitching games 3 and 7 than Lohse. Kyle Lohse in a Game 7 doesn't make me feel very good. Brings back Donovan Osborne flashbacks from 1996. I hope Tony switches those guys.

- On that point, I'm not sure I wouldn't rather put Westbrook into the mix rather than Lohse. Westbrook is more of the ground ball pitcher we might need against this Texas lineup.

What does everyone think?

October 19, 2011  07:05 PM ET

I think it will be a tough series for all involved. But if I had to pick, the Cards in 7. It will be a slobberknocker of a series.

October 20, 2011  09:21 AM ET

Outstanding start. Carp was good.....big hit by Allen Craig......and LaRussa managed the bullpen to perfection. Can't say enough about how good the relief pitching has been.

I really didn't understand Washington not using someone besides German in that big spot in the 7th I believe it was. I think Tony definitely won the manager matchup for game 1

Let's keep it going tonight, Jaime.

October 21, 2011  09:17 AM ET

Damn, Damn, Damn. Such a great effort by Garcia wasted......a couple of timely hits last night would have made it a different story, but kudos to Colby Lewis for coming through with a big game as well.

I still strongly disagree with Lohse being the game 3 and 7 pitcher. I'd rather see that be Jackson, and I'd be more comfortable with Westbrook pitching in Arlington. I'm trying to imagine a scenario where Lohse doesn't get hit hard in Texas.......but I can't come up with one.

I'm also afraid that if we lose game 3, TLR will panic and put Carp out there on short rest, and that will likely be a disaster.

October 23, 2011  11:08 AM ET

Classic Pujols game for history in Game 3. What a pounding we put on their bullpen all night last night. Hopefully, that gets into their psyche and shakes their confidence for the rest of the series.

You kind of knew the Rangers would score some runs back in Arlington, but couldn't have predicted we'd put 16 up.

I like our chances against Holland tonight to do some more damage, and as long as Jackson can contain the Texas offense to something reasonable, we may have a decent shot to go up 3-1.

October 24, 2011  02:09 PM ET

Drove from Houston to visit daughter in Dallas and go to Game 3. Got back home late Sunday afternoon.

Awesome game, Cards fans were there in sufficient enough numbers and always ready for a High 5.

October 24, 2011  04:25 PM ET

Well, I was blatantly wrong about Holland. He was lights out against us......didn't see that coming at all.

October 25, 2011  09:29 AM ET

How frustrating last night. So many men LOB.....so many chances where all we needed was a base hit to get a run or two. Coulda, shoulda........

October 27, 2011  10:52 AM ET

How frustrating last night. So many men LOB.....so many chances where all we needed was a base hit to get a run or two. Coulda, shoulda........


Shoulda, woulda, coulda..................but didn't! :-(

October 27, 2011  04:06 PM ET

The last game was a debacle to say the least. With all the LOB's, you'd think the score would of been something line the 16-7 schellaching (sp?) a few days ago. I hate to say this but hope TLR gets his head out of his BLEEP and get it right. I love the guy, but we have to win...or go home.

October 28, 2011  01:30 AM ET

What a freaking unbelievable game!!!!!! How many times has this team got up off the canvas and snatched victory from defeat????

What an awesome night. Now let's do it again, boys.

October 28, 2011  09:53 AM ET

2 outs ? 2 strikes ? Bottom of the 9th ?

2 out's ? 2 strikes ? Bottom of the 10th ?

No Problem. Got 'em right where we want 'em.

I'm amazed.

October 29, 2011  01:36 PM ET



October 29, 2011  01:48 PM ET

11 in 11. One of the best sports organizations on the planet.

October 29, 2011  08:08 PM ET

Does anyone remember when we re-signed Carp to his 5 year contract in 2006? Then when he got hurt and missed most of the next two years, people were saying Mozeiliak was stupid to give him that deal with his injury history, and many people said it was a waste of money.

Well......2011 was year 5 of that deal. How's it look now??

October 29, 2011  08:10 PM ET

Wait.....now that I think about it. Jockety may have signed him to that contract....but the point is still the same!

October 31, 2011  02:14 PM ET

11 in 11. One of the best sports organizations on the planet.

I have to disagree. They are the best sports organization on the planet!!! WHOOOO HOOO!


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