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January 22, 2009, 11:15 PM
Starting on Defense. Coach Spags should know what to do rebuilding the sorry defense. I think the DLine will improve from last year. Carriker needs to improve, A D-End needs to step up and rotate with Little, and Long will emerge as a impact player. Linebackers, somethings gotta happen here. The Rams need an impact Linebacker to stop the run and pass asap. Witherspoon to outside and pick up a big Middle backer from free agents, Culberson and Chamberlin dont cut it, Pisa does his job. The second day of the draft they need to pick up players to stop the run, may it be linebackers or D-Line. I say 2nd round pick 33, draft Sean Smith, DB from Utah. 6'3'' versitile DB that can play corner or safety. The secondary needs a big ball hawk like Smith. Chavous is aging, and they need to sign Otogwe! Bartell, Brown, and Hill will improve next season they all have big potential.

Moving on to Offense. Bulger needs protection. Andre Smith is the right pick for the second overall pick. A mobile, strong tackle that I believe is more of a gaurd. I dont think Smith can handle speed rushing D-Ends with a shorter reach. Hes a great run blocker and will be great at gaurd. I think a great free agent pickup would be Jordan Gross. A young, former first rounder will be a solid addition. Hows this OLine sound: LT- Pace/Gross, LG- Bell, C- Romberg, RG- Smith, RT- Barron. Definately a more protective and supporting cast for Bulger. This will give him more time to find those receivers. Holt and Avery should be a good 1-2 punch once again. Looker is good in the slot, yet Holt and Bennett are getting old, Halls contract expired he should be a free agent. Burton and Stanley are 2 emerging receivers i'd like to see them get a significant more amount of passes this year. Theres a good amount of solid receivers in free agents if they want find some more depth there. McMichael and Klop are good tight ends, Randy should be involved more. Jackson will have a better year with a improving line but still is fragile. A second day pick a running back would be smart. And revolving Bulgers age and performance, the 3rd round pick should be a quarterback. If available, Graham Harrell would be a good backup to learn under Bulger. Harrells success in college can carry over to a young Rams team. Sign a new O-Coordinator!

Coach Spags is a good guy hes gonna find ways for success for the 09 season. He can lead us to a championship!


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