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November 18, 2011, 04:12 PM
The Natalie Wood case will be reinvestigated 30 years after her death. They originally ruled the death accidental.
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November 18, 2011  05:10 PM ET

what kind of wood doesn't float?

I've seen those ads with the two bathtubs in the yard....I think the tubs come with a pill that helps you float your "wood". Assuming you still have any energy after dragging those two cast iron 300# tubs into the yard, filling them with hundreds of gallons of hot water (8 lbs/gallon) and then finally getting some booze in some lucky lady to sit in a now lukewarm tub with two layers of cold hard steel between your "wood" and nirvana....

November 18, 2011  05:14 PM ET

Oh look it's 1700, happy hour

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November 18, 2011  06:21 PM ET

Natalie stayed quite often at the Frontier (now a partially finished high-rise rapidly falling apart and will have to be demo'd because the fools ran out of money after they blew up a perfectly good building to put up something that would make them more money, that in the end made them bankrupt, but I regress) when I was a kid.
Natalie was a very nice person and treated this 15 year old bus boy (at the time) like her own son. I will always miss her.

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November 18, 2011  06:23 PM ET

and she was still smokin hot in 1973!

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November 18, 2011  06:36 PM ET

I loved Natalie in West Side Story. She was a doll.

Agreed, but nothing could compare to meeting her in person.

November 18, 2011  06:44 PM ET

At the time I was in High School and to have a movie star that is smokin hot actually remember your name is totally mind blowing, she was one of a kind.

November 18, 2011  06:45 PM ET

Another person who was pretty cool was Robert Goulet he would always be around the employee entrance at quitting time with his dogs, drunk, and I mean hammered! That would have been about 10:45pm in between shows.That is where he parked his burgundy red Stutz Bearcat, the car had a gold plate on the dashboard with his name on it, build number of the car etc. He never talked to his wife other than on stage, rather hilarious, he'd call the steak house to make sure she was not there, then come in to eat.

November 18, 2011  06:54 PM ET

They should put the man and woman in one tub. Separate tubs give the impression that the pill didn't work.

That wouldn't float (no pun intended) in the US market. Remember Desi and Lucy had separate beds....I'd like to see the European Viagra and Cialis commercials....Bunga Bunga

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November 18, 2011  07:16 PM ET

what years are yu talking about ?,......did yu meet any other celebs ? [john wayne ?]

When I worked the coffee shop the "Don's" would come in. You always wanted to be within earshot of that table.
Don Adams
Don Rickles
sometimes joined by Tommy Smothers

I would purposely spill a little coffee on Rickles place mat (just a drop) and get a rather good 'hockey puck' insult, he knew it and it became a routine every time he came in. He'd even ride me for not being there the previous day on my day off.
But you had to be careful around Adams, no 'Get Smart' references, if you said "missed it by that much" around him it got ugly, man that guy was funny until someone would bring that up.

November 18, 2011  07:33 PM ET

what kind of wood doesn't float?

dead wood.

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