NFL  > General NFL  > New Game chat sucks....If I wanted ALL those people's input I'd go get it....
November 20, 2011, 01:11 PM
WHAT are they thinking, I want inputs from my FN friends.
November 20, 2011  02:12 PM ET

Sweet so after a half of watching this new Chat it is a constant stream of "RT" (re-tweet; because no one listened to your blabber the first time), obscenity, racial slurs, insults, and crap. Dumbest idea from FN ever.

For the educated it is worth going to look at for a laugh.

November 20, 2011  04:31 PM ET

Another fail in Rob Ryan in closing a game.....out-thinks himself.

November 20, 2011  07:53 PM ET

??? Chat?

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November 20, 2011  08:14 PM ET

??? Chat?

yep, there was a period where you would go to the "scoreboard" at the top of the screen here, click on the game you want and there were tabs; play-by-play, box-score, stats, game-chat. In the game-chat you had to be a FN member, things were under some control, no profanity, no rants....usual rules apply. Welll the Geniuses here modifed and tied it to facebook, twitter, Yahoo, Windows Live, Linked In (really?) and the dinosaur MySpace. Like I want to link to Facebook, have my personal details appear here, and then see tweets go by like the freakin' NYSE ticker where each message is from some grammer challanged moron who can't use a vowel to save his life....u b feelin me or r u rockin it ROFL? Total crap and unusable to have a real conversation with a real fan. One girl posted that she wanted Dallas to win so she could ask her dad to go out and he would be in a good mood?!! WTF> kind of post is that for football site?

November 21, 2011  04:47 AM ET

" ...WTF> kind of post is that for football site?"

I had no idea about a chat thing

That's one of the reasons I seldom comment (much less even read) on any boards that pertain to nothing the Natalie Wood one, or Michael Jackson, or anything that I can read on Yahoo news. I don't need to read it here too.

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November 21, 2011  07:47 AM ET

Another fail in Rob Ryan in closing a game.....out-thinks himself.

Obviously it was a game they needed and probably didn't deserve but ok..regardless of the W, the first goal is getting to the playoffs, so they are still very much alive for that but if they want to avoid their one and done playoff history of late they've got to do better than barely beating a bad team. Howie Long said it best at half time..the Cowboys need to WAKE UP!

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November 21, 2011  11:47 AM ET

The Cowboys are keeping it alive, eh, Bull? letting it die like last year


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