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December 6, 2011, 12:27 AM

HAHAHAHAHA! What an idiot! Serves him right. He got busted up pretty bad.

I think he should get another beating.
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December 7, 2011  02:12 AM ET

He does. ;)

No word yet. Been looking.

P.S. Don't know how, or why, this board posted twice.

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December 7, 2011  11:47 AM ET

He gave an interview, only giving his first name.

Justin, who says he hails from Romania, was happy to talk about the encounter, which he said happened around 11:30 p.m. while he was waiting in his parked car for a buddy to arrive. Justin made it clear there would no photographs taken during this interview ??? not even one that showed only his torso.

Justin said Miranda originally approached him and asked if he could have a light for a cigarette. Justin replied that he does not smoke. That???s when Miranda pulled out a gun and shoved it against the side of his head, Justin said.

???He asked me for my wallet, for my phone and my keys,??? Justin explained. ???I told him I don???t have a wallet, I only have cash. He cursed me ??? like ???m-----f-----.??????

Justin said he handed over the $30 in cash he had stuffed in a his car???s cup holder, but Miranda was not satisfied, Justin said.

???At that moment, he backs up the gun and he racks it,??? Justin recalled. ???The gun jammed. He racked it a second time. He ejected the bullet on the ground. He went down and grabbed the bullet and said, ???Look, m-----f-----, it???s a hollow point. I???ll blow your brains out.??????

That???s when Miranda ordered him out of the car, Justin said.

Justin said he looked at the man facing him, pistol pointing at his chest, and was pretty certain he was about to take a bullet.

???I wasn???t scared because I???m trained,??? Justin explained.

Justin then demonstrated to a reporter the sudden, rather effective maneuver that disarmed his attacker.

???The round went off,??? Justin continued. ???I put him down to the ground. He was fighting. He didn???t want to give up.???

But at the same time, Justin said: ???He was begging me to let him go. He said he has a baby.???

Justin then kept his attacker collared until police arrived.

Asked about his training, Justin offered only vague hints at his background: ???Former military,??? ???high-risk training,??? ???Hostage rescue.???

He said he makes a living in a variety of ways: ???Sometimes I do clubs. I do close protection.???


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