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December 18, 2011, 04:40 PM
Every team has a General Manger, but their are few as sorry as Jerry Angelo.

To go in to the season with Caleb Hanie as your backup QB, proves that he does not understand the Pro Game. The Head Coach and Coordinators can only play with the players on the roster...Somebody has to take the blame for this, Caleb Hanie will not be on the roster next season, so he will be gone. Mike Martz will be the fall guy, but is not to blame for the poor QB play. Lovie Smith should not have to take the fall, and anybody that knows me, knows that I do not want him as the coach.

That leaves Jerry Angelo, the person who makes player personnel decisions. If this would have been his first or only screw up, I would say sure give him a pass...but his decisions in the draft have been fatal...Their is not one 1st round draft pick, that he drafted that starts for the Bears.

He has been wrong on every football decision....the majority of people believed that the Bears needed a #1 WR...Not Angelo...the majority of people believed that the Bears needed additional Offensive lineman...Not Angelo...the majority of people believed that the Bears needed a veteran Backup QB...Not Angelo...the majority of people believed that the Bears need to sign Matte Forte to a long term contract...Not Angelo...

The fan base deserves more than an incompetent scout to run their Front Office...
The Bears season is over, they were beaten by beat by better franchises, and deserve to be 7-7. A football team is a 53 man roster, and at some point everybody will have to contribute something...when you have people on your 53 man roster that can not contribute, you must make changes.

Congratulations to all the teams that will make the playoffs...The Bears will do like the Cubs do...and hope we can get them next year...Just give a chance to compete with a competent Front Office...Injuries are no excuse for losing, the next man up has to do his job...It is the Front Office responsibility to make sure that the next man, has the capability to contribute...

That is why I am calling for the immediate removal of Jerry Angelo from the Bears Franchise. His decisions to not give the Bears the opportunity to compete for a championship...
December 18, 2011  05:43 PM ET

Bring in Matt Millen, JK, IMO removing J.A. would simply be a band aid as the real trouble lies higher up with the McCaskeys and their letting an accountant "Ted Phillips" run the team for them. The Bears are run like a mom and pop shop in the era of big box stores. If J.A. does get axed or retires I imagine his replacement is already in the building, "Tim Ruskell".

The McCaskeys and Phillips wouldn't know a talented G.M. if one jumped up and bit them in the behind, Phillips is the one who brought J.A. so what makes any of us fans think his second attempt would be any better and the McCaskeys are blind owners who wouldn't know the difference between a football and a rugby ball. They think Phillips is a great president and CEO and that is where the real trouble lies, J.A. is Phillips puppet and Phillips controls the McCaskeys purse strings right along with pulling J.A.'s.

We seen last years veteran back up Q.B. to the tune of a million wasted dollars and they did put a waiver claim for Orton but had several teams ahead of them in the pecking order for him and honestly there isn't that many available back up Q.B.'s on the market as that's why they are considered back ups. McNabb would be the only one I know that might be better than what the Bears have and honestly after watching McNabb in Washington and Minnesota I'm thinking he doesn't have much left in the tank and would be a sitting duck behind the Bears o-line with Martzs scheme as McNabb is a west coast offense Q.B.

The Bears aren't the only team that doesn't have a quality back up Q.B. look around the league and you will see several other teams that would be in the same boat if their starting Q.B. went down. Look at the Colts without Manning, the Raiders made a smart move grabbing Palmer IMO or they maybe in the same situation as the Bears, JMO.

I said in another thread I thought the Bears where done for the season with Cutler and Forte out as they where pretty much the Offense and that pretty much sums up the remainder of the season. It is what it is and all we can do as fans is sit back watch and gripe about what could have been.

On the other hand being a football fan though I find the playoff picture exciting coming down to these last few weeks and sure hope to see several other teams making their playoff pushes.

December 18, 2011  05:55 PM ET

nice post. I understand your frustration. In the case of the QB (and only the QB) it seems that JA gambled that Cutler would be fine and Hanie maybe would not be needed. Dallas is currently on that train with Kitna (adequate veteran backup) injured or maybe on IR with back issues and all rests on McGee (unproven Scout Team QB from A&M) if Romo goes down. These sort of gambles are financial as well as a numbers game with a 53 man roster. NO team has a great 2nd string QB and the best you can hope for is a #2 who can maybe fill in for 4 games and keep you split during that period. In today's NFL there are not enough QBs to go around and you have to take a gamble on your QBs health over the season. In this case it seems that the gamble is going to end your season. I'm not defending your personnel guy; I've got GM issues with the team I follow. Who knows you may see some change after this mid/late season melt-down.

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December 18, 2011  07:34 PM ET

The fact the the Bears had 19 Million Dollars under the salary cap to spend, means they could have overpaid somebody to be able to contribute in an emergency...but instead look at them now after the Caleb Hanie experiment...They went from a 7-3 team to 7-7....a wasted year.

The Bears problems stem from too many bad drafts. The Steelers and Packers build through the draft and virtually ignore high priced free agents. Their depth helps these two teams overcome injuries and keep winning. Angelo must go!

December 18, 2011  07:35 PM ET

Nobody's blaming the GM for injuries. They're blaming him for not being smart enough to get an experienced QB who can simply manage a few games and just not LOSE them until the injured starters can come back for the playoffs.In pretty much any other NFL organization that would be a given.

Brett Favre was available and willing to play but Bears management decided to stick with Hanie.

December 18, 2011  08:29 PM ET

True! There's no guarantee that the Bears wont hire someone just as inept as Angelo whenever Angelo leaves. But he still should go regardless since this is his doing - letting him stay in spite of what he's done because the next guy might not be any better ... in a sense ... rewards Angelo for his incompetence so far. When you know the current guy isn't the answer you kinda have to take that chance.The problem is I don't think the McCaskeys know it yet.I wouldn't be surprised if the McCaskeys try going with NO general manager at all (again) or end up using a search firm (again). When they can look at their fan base and see how they'll just support the team regardless, still buy all the merchandise and pack the stadium when the Bears are even .500, they see no financial incentive to force a change. It's up to the FANS to give them a financial incentive to pull the trigger with the front office and staff upgrades.You and I both know that it's never gonna happen in this town.

Oh I know J.A. is partially to blame but IMO blaming only J.A. and replacing him will simply be a band aid as I believe the the whole organization from the top down is to blame and not just J.A. Using your same analogy shouldn't Phillips go for hiring J.A. in the first place and for staying with him this long, the root of the problem remains in place essentially rewarding his mistake in the first place. We all blame J.A. for what he's done and believe he should go even though Phillips holds final say so on all major deals J.A. runs by him but why shouldn't the guy who brought him to Chicago in the fist place remain as he is essentially the one who could have made changes in 09 but choose to remain status quo from his own speech and that he believed continuity was the answer and reason for keeping both J.A. and Lovie and Co.

You are right though it will take the fans basically boycotting to ring the proverbial bell in the McCaskeys head or rather Phillips head as he is the money man for the McCaskeys and that loss of revenue would certainly gain Phillips attention but then again IMO he is part of the problem in the first place so the only message to be delivered would all be to his subordinates. Chicago fans are loyal to their beloved Bears and while I know several of us who has stopped buying their merchandise and even given up their season tickets there is always someone else in the waiting to replace those of us tired of the BS, the season ticket waiting list is proof.

December 18, 2011  08:36 PM ET

Since Phillips is the CEO...he is not going to fire himself...I agree 100% with your statement, but he is not touchable...I would like to see him gone also, and at least a football man as President of Operations...but like I said, he would be firing himself again...Now since he does not understand the game, change must come from with in the football operations that do understand football ....That means Jerry Angelo...Now I will give him a pass on the Sam Hurd thing, but it did happen on his watch...very embarrassing for the franchise. Change must be made now, their is only a small window available for a majority of the players to be able to compete for a championship in their careers.

Well on the Sam Hurd thing it is Phillips who is in charge of the player security chief Tom Dillon, Dillon answers directly to Phillips who then relays the info to J.A.

December 18, 2011  08:43 PM ET

The fact the the Bears had 19 Million Dollars under the salary cap to spend, means they could have overpaid somebody to be able to contribute in an emergency...but instead look at them now after the Caleb Hanie experiment...They went from a 7-3 team to 7-7....a wasted year.

Phillips controls the money not J.A. I know of several players that J.A. wanted to bring in but was shot down by Phillips, J.A. had to beg for the Cutler deal to Phillips and also had to sell Lovie on the idea of Cutler over Orton. Players are brought in not soley by J.A. but as a committee, a sit down between J.A., Lovie and Phillips. Phillips controls the spending J.A. gets players he is allowed to spend the money on and players that Lovie agrees fits their team.

One of the few times J.A. was given some control over the spending was when he brought in Peppers, Manumaleuna and Taylor and only Peppers actually worked but Manu and Collins was Martzs influence as he was asked what players he needed to run his system in Chicago.

December 18, 2011  09:23 PM ET

I've been reading a few reports of J.A. retiring and I'm thinking these last four loses may be the push for him to retire especially if Phillips tells him they are going to make a change anyway so I'm thinking this will be J.A.'s last year. I just don't think the next G.M. who I think will be Ruskell will be any better than J.A. as they will have to work under the same conditions J.A. has under Phillips. I don't think as long as Phillips stays president and CEO that the spending will change nor the caliber of F.A.'s that are brought in so IMO J.A. will be gone and basically we will have another G.M. to gripe about in the future but we can hope I guess, sometimes a change is necessary but at the same time sometimes the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

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December 18, 2011  11:02 PM ET

One last thing...Mike Martz has said from day one, Caleb Hanie was not an NFL QB...That is why we has Todd Collins last season and then drafted a QB late in the 2011 draft, who was taken from our practice squad...and then why we wasted 5 round pick this year on a hillbilly QB.He gets a pass...this was not his fault...But since he will not be under contract, he will be the fall guy.

Since Martz did not sign the extended contract the Bears offered him rumors are swirling that Martz may be moving on so more than likely another new O-Coordinator and I think it may be Tice.

I know Martz never liked Hanie and I eluded to that last year when several on here were singing his praises about the way he played against G.B. I mentioned his pick six to Raji etc. I knew Collins wasn't the answer either and that was Martz's idea a wasted Mill. IMO as Hanie and Collins are pretty equal talent wise and the reason the Bengals grabbed LeFevour off the Bears practice squad because their wasn't room for Cutler, Collins, Hanie and LeFevour on the active list. So Collins won out over LeFevour and then the Bengals grabbed him from the practice squad. Martz picked both LeFevour and this years pick of Enderle.

My personal opinion is Martzs scheme has to have the right players and bit dated and certainly not Q.B. friendly nor W.R. and the Bears don't have the W.R.'s to run it nor the O-Line to allow the down filed routes open up, JMO but I don't think Martz and the Bears are a good fit.

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