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December 21, 2011, 10:48 AM
1. Niners.....hella defense, great coaching, and stable play all year. TEAM
2. Pack......rodgers is playing out of his head, but possibly burning out.
3. Pats....... I mean it's Tom Brady and the gronk show
4. Saints..... Never count these guys out, and a sneaky on sides kick, lol
5. Steelers.... Still and Always a contender, but a wee beat down at the helm.

* I think the rat chickens could be the spolier in the AFC, depends on health
* NFC spoiler for me has to be Detroit or possibly Dallas. (doubtful)
December 21, 2011  10:50 AM ET

The likely scenario is a Pats Pack SB, but I am going with the NINERS v. Ratchickens

December 21, 2011  10:51 AM ET

1 Packers
2 Saints
3 Niners
4 Patriots
5 Ravens

Spoiler: Falcons

December 21, 2011  12:17 PM ET

good choice on the spoiler!

December 21, 2011  12:22 PM ET

good choice on the spoiler!

Thank you!

December 21, 2011  06:39 PM ET

1. Saints - Running game adds a dimension into this great offense that the Packers don't have. Drew Brees has been doing it longer and has been playing better then Rodgers these past few weeks. He's a competitor for MVP this season. And if you ask me, the defense is better. The best of the three great offenses in the NFL (Packers, Saints, Patriots)
2. Packers - Rodgers and this receiving core is one of the best .. but this defense was never as good as everyone's said it is. One of the worst in the NFL but on the plus side of things, very optimistic/lucky and that's scary in it's own right.
3. Niners - Best defense in the NFL, by far. It'll always be close, but they have a shot at shutting down the elite offenses just long enough to pull out a win.
4. Steelers - Probably end up with the wildcard this season but with a healthy Ben Roethlisberger and Llamar Woodley, I think the Steelers will be the team to represent the AFC this year.
5. Ravens - Too inconsistent offensively. Joe Flacco's gotta decide if he's a good quarterback or an average one. If Ray Rice gets his yards, this team has a great chance at winning. Because they're so good at home, they'll need to win the division if they want a shot at the Superbowl.

December 21, 2011  08:26 PM ET

I will be honest, I think the Saints are the team to beat right now. And I will also be a homer and say I am less worried about the match up with my Niners vs the Pack than I am about the Saints. Those are my top 3, you pick what order. Baltimore and NE are my final 2.

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December 21, 2011  09:56 PM ET

(Tie) Packers & Saints Patriots Ravens Falcons Niners

Ugh! You're killing me Ripper! (How ya been by the way?)

The pats and the falcons ahead of the Niners? I get the Brady effect, but the Niners D is more than capable to slow him down enough for the offense to take advantage of a piss poor D. NE heavily relies on TE play. They have not even came close to playing against a better LB tandom like Bowman and Willis and more recently, Larry Grant. Welker will go off, but I believe the Niners D will take the TEs out of the game and that could be enough.

As far as the Falcons ar concerned, I cannot find a single element of the game where they are better outside of a statistical difference at QB.

14 games without allowing a rushing TD (2nd best (6)) 13.2 pts per game allowed, 35 forced TOs and only 10 committed. Zero RBs with 100 yds in a game............ Where is the love?

Forgive me for gloating, it has been a long time since I have even had the opportunity. Haha

December 22, 2011  08:01 AM ET

wow chief thundercloud is ripper?

December 22, 2011  08:51 AM ET

wow chief thundercloud is ripper?

He's been exposed.

December 22, 2011  09:11 AM ET

Nice duping!

December 22, 2011  11:01 PM ET

wow chief thundercloud is ripper?

Holy hell. I owe Ripper a huge apology. I went by avatars before name. Looking back, its still sad. Piss on me.

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December 23, 2011  07:18 AM ET

And besides, Chief Thundercloud is the dupe of Brainiac2000...remember that dude? He's still here, under assumed identity.

i remember that putz


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