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January 29, 2009, 06:22 PM
Solving the Chiefs' problems is not an easy task. It won't happen over night and it will be a process. That being said, I present to you my plan for the Chiefs and their upcoming draft.

Some people will argue that the Chiefs' pressing need is on the defensive side of the ball. They will tell you that the Chiefs set a NFL record for fewest sacks last year (10 by the team). They will point out that the team failed to get pressure on the quarterback and couldn't stop the run. That being said... the Chiefs' draft focus should be on the offensive side of the ball.

The Chiefs have spent a considerable amount of effort drafting and developing defensive talent under Herman Edwards. The cupboard isn't bare. Herm managed to groom a good pair of rookie corners, select Glenn Dorsey, Tank Tyler, Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali. They have a decent base of players that will improve with time and key additions around them.

When you look at free agency, there are younger, talented players on the defensive side of the ball than on offense. There are defensive ends like Terrell Suggs, linebackers like Karlos Dansby and Corners like Dunta Robinson. If you were to add those three players, (all under the age of 27) the defense would improve immediately.

Teams that win, begin the rebuilding process developing the offensive line. The Chiefs line had more holes than Swiss cheese. Building a unit that meshes well together is hard to do, but the Chiefs have an opportunity to do that this year. I believe that an offense should be balanced and that it is easier to find run blockers that can pass block, than pass blockers that can run block. Establishing the run should be one of the team's goals. Running the ball effectively will open up the passing attack.

The Chiefs should target Eugene Monroe from Virgina. Monroe is a big, bruising tackle that formed chemistry with former teammate Branden Albert in college. Monroe would start for the Chiefs at Left Tackle, Albert would move to Left Guard and Brian Waters would take a leadership position at Center. These moves would give the Chiefs a young core on the QB's weak side, while adding an extra year or two of longevity to Brian Water's career. Waters would be the team's anchor and could help the young guards on the team.

I would select a guard with the third pick and would be happy with the addition of a player like Kraig Urbik from Wisconsin. Urbik is a force, standing 6'6 tall and weighing more than 323 pounds. He proved to be more nimble than most thought at the Senior Bowl and he'd be effective on the right side of the line. The last position of need on the line is right tackle. I would look to sign the best offensive tackle on the market. Jordan Gross is still relatively young (28), has six years experience and is durable (missed one game in 96 opportunities).

Next year's offensive line would look like this:

LT - Eugene Monroe
LG - Branden Albert
C - Brian Waters
RG - Kraig Urbik
RT - Jordan Gross

This would give us a nice balance of youth, talent, experience, ability, familiarity & leadership. What do you think?


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