February 8, 2012, 03:23 PM
I was pleased to hear that Al Saunders will remain as Senior Offensive Assistant through 2013. One of the few retained from last year on our coaching staff.

To Recap:

Head Coach - Dennis Allen (from Broncos)
OC - Greg Knapp (from Texans)
DC - Jason Tarver (from Stanford)
ST - Steve Hoffman (from Chiefs)
OL - Frank Pollack (from Texans)
DL - Tim Krumrie (not yet confirmed, from Chiefs)

We retained Kelly Skipper as RB coach Steve Wisniewski as Asst OL coach and Al Saunders. Other than that, everyone is in their first year with the Silver and Black (except for Knapp as this is his second stint).

New Strength and Conditioning coaches in John Greico and Al Miller. Quality Control coaches are Justin Griffith (offense, former Raider) and Eric Sanders (defense). Rumors of Ted Gilmore (USC) as Receiving coach, John Defilippo (SJ State) as QB coach, Keith Burns (Ole Miss) as Secondary coach.

What I see when I look at all these people is - holy crap, that's a ton of change! I don't know what it all means and I guess none of us will either until we see what happens in the draft, free agency and on the field.

I'm excited and frightened at the same time. What are your thoughts?
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February 8, 2012  04:44 PM ET

Yeah, I'm pretty sure next year will be a get used to the what the staff wants to accomplish year. But, if these guys can see the potential and not try and reinvent the wheel where things were working, we might have a chance in 2012. I guess it depends on what our final roster looks like because I sense there will be some changes there as well.

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February 9, 2012  12:10 AM ET

I really want them to keep Bush. I have no confidence in McFadden, and if we go down to starting Taiwan Jones, then I can see the Int's piling up with Palmer passing every down. Will be interesting to see how McKenzie fills the spots with no draft picks.

I think they franchise Bush. Could be wrong, but it would make sense to me anyway. Insurance is important and I'm not sure that DMC provides that. But as I've said before, I'd hate to see DMC traded because he'd probably have the best year of his career elsewhere.

Maybe the new strength and conditioning coaches can help DMC last a year without injury.

February 9, 2012  12:19 PM ET

after watching our nemisis across the bay excel this past season without a decent training camp - and only by virtue of how organized a team can be - we should be optimistic over our odds. the west is sooo weak. kc - please. denver - cellar dweller at best. sd - norv is back, need we say more? we have the better athletes. need a better system.
as for me - i am on board. not with allen - he is an unknown and needs to prove himself. i am on board with mac and what he is doing up front. so far, so good with his moves i say.

February 9, 2012  06:01 PM ET

They just released Stanford Routt. Here we go...

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February 10, 2012  12:07 PM ET

Who do you think will be next? Rolando McClain?Michael Huff?Louis Murphy?

no problem at all with routt - the cost did not equal the production. mcclain would be my vote - baggage + the seatle lb we picked up did ok.

February 10, 2012  01:38 PM ET

Who do you think will be next? Rolando McClain?Michael Huff?Louis Murphy?

My guess is Huff. He's got a $4 mil roster bonus due 3/16. I'm a little worried about Seymour - he's got a $7.5 mil bonus coming in addition to his $7.5 salary.

February 10, 2012  02:49 PM ET

Holy crap. Kamerion Wimbley's new contract has $29 mil guaranteed. I'd venture to guess they'll be asking him to restructure.

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