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February 20, 2012, 02:04 PM
Is Vegas going to loose their shorts to Mainstream MMA?

1st, If I didnt have a mortgage kids or a wife, I would have put 10K on Overeem to destroy Lezbo.

2nd, are they crazy to be putting Overeem as the underdog?

Clearly the sports books are not doing their homework.

Lets look at JDS in reality to Ubereem:

size? no
strength? no
ground game: Lets agree that this wont go to the ground.
speed? I would say faster hands than Ubereem, maybe not as technical.
opponents? I think Ubereem has the nod here, and lets see why:

Cain, I will still say it, he beat bottom level compettion in the hw div.
Carwin, overrated and overhyped
nelson, prob JDS's biggest test.
gonzaga, on his way out
Yvel, on his way out
Crocop, on his way out
Struve, He was a new comer and not on an elite level at all
Werdum, not the fighter he is now.

Ubereem has fought the who's who of MMA and K-1. That experience alone is enough to take it to Dosantos, hunt him down, get a few kicks in, make him drop his hands, clinch, start the knees, and get the KO.
I would bet on Overeem by TKO in the first, not even breaking a sweat.
February 20, 2012  02:47 PM ET

This for me is easily the biggest test that Overeem has faced in years.

I do favor Alistair, but there are a few things that scare me about this fight.

1: Overeem is very hittable. He has been his whole career, and it reared it's head again in his fight with Werdum last year.

2: His chin isn't the best. The man has been TKO'd on six different occasions, and that isn't a good thing when fighting JDS.

I do think that this is a winnable fight for Junior, but I feel that Alistair is a far more well rounded MMA fighter. His wrestling is better, particularly from the clinch, he has a better submission game, and his striking is at least equal.

Overeem should control this fight wherever it may go, standing, in the clinch, on the ground. I certainly wouldn't be shocked if Overeem got hit by an overhand right or left hook and finished, and over five rounds there is plenty of time.

I'd favor Overeem something like 68% of the times, but either way, this should be a hell of a fight.

February 20, 2012  02:59 PM ET

C, what do you think about JDS' opponents? I mean, Look at Jon Jones, and who he has fought. I think Bones has fought MUCH stiffer competition. I mean, Shogun and Machida, nuff said...Who are the top guys that JDS has fought?

February 20, 2012  03:08 PM ET

C, what do you think about JDS' opponents? I mean, Look at Jon Jones, and who he has fought. I think Bones has fought MUCH stiffer competition. I mean, Shogun and Machida, nuff said...Who are the top guys that JDS has fought?

Werdum was a huge win, and the Yvel, Cro Cop, Nelson and Struve wins are decent career builders. I do think that Cain is an extremely solid win.

Yeah, Bones has fought tougher competition so far, but give JDS some time to build his resume.

One impressive thing about him is that he has been able to keep wrestlers from taking him down, and his boxing is really good. He has fought many solid strikers, like Yvel and Mirko.

He is a solid champion in a fairly thin division, nothing more, nothing less.

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February 20, 2012  07:36 PM ET

I like JDS in this fight and will put down a few bills on him when it rolls around. JDS has better, faster hands, and an iron jaw. He'll walk forward, throw, and he'll hurt Overeem. Alistair for sure folds when he gets hit. He mentally quits, and I expect him to get hit vs Junior, cover up, and take shots until the ref stops it.

BINGO, if Ogereem gets to control the fight he doesn't get frustrated but the moment you ompose your will he runs from the shoots....K1 is striking prowess bar none but in MMA those other "factors" keep you guessing and JDS will hit him in the face and force him to change is game plan.....I'm not allowed to say much due to how boased I am....I'm an Oger hater and I have been on the Cigano bandwagon as soon as he rolled over Werdum and I thought who the F is this guy. I saw how hard he wanted to impress fans, his desire to gain American fans really welcomed me not in a biased way but when he started talking english so quickly I could relate better.....I want to see JDS rule the HWs for awhile and the only person I see giving JDS a hard time is the Cain rematch that we all know is coming.

February 20, 2012  08:06 PM ET

Fighting and beating the Who's who of MMA are two different things.

The best opponents Overeem ever fought beat him, and many of them were LHWs.

Werdum is really his only quality win in the last several years. And Werdum actually outstruck Overeem in that fight.

JDS has faced the best competition of late.

February 20, 2012  10:58 PM ET

Reem's HW competition is just a dubious (probably more dubious) than JDS's.

Can't wait for this fight though. Great great test - arguably a legacy fight - for either guy.

February 21, 2012  02:43 AM ET

All in all I would bet in favor of JDS.

I don't think Overeem's years as a LHW count for much because he has clearly changed and improved.

But I also think he has two massive issues: cardio and his striking defense.

Cardio was a huge issue in the Werdum fight, and even in the fight against Lesnar he was breathing heavily at the end. If JDS gets him into the later rounds, Alistair's tank may run dry.

While he has undeniable striking skills for K-1, the way he defends strikes in MMA isn't the most suitable one, due to the small gloves.

JDS "just" needs to play this smart and circle as much as possible.

February 21, 2012  10:00 AM ET

So everyone taking JDS huh?

February 21, 2012  10:07 AM ET

So everyone taking JDS huh?lol..

I could see Overeem winning, but I'm picking JDS. JDS has actually faced BETTER competition at HW than overeem. Standup is about even, but I'm convinced JDS can take a hit better than Overeem. I'd be shocked if JDS went down, Overeem's chin is kind of weak. Overeem might have a better ground game, but everyone and their mama knows this fight isn't going to the ground.

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February 21, 2012  11:27 AM ET

So everyone taking JDS huh?lol..

Not me, I think Overeem will win.

February 21, 2012  11:30 AM ET

Plus, I'm assuming JDS is no slouch on the ground.

Trains with the Nogs, and I've heard he is quickly improving his BJJ. But like you said, it's a moot point, the fight won't go to the ground.


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