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March 18, 2012, 06:39 PM
1. Indianapolis Colts

- Andrew Luck- QB- Stanford

2. Washington (Trade w/ St. Louis)

- Robert Griffin- QB- Baylor

3. Minnesota Vikings-

- Matt Kalil- OT- USC

4. Cleveland Browns

- Ryan Tannehill- QB- Texas A&M

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

- Morris Claiborne- CB- LSU

6. St. Louis Rams (Trade w/ Washington)

- Justin Blackmon- WR- Oklahoma St

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

- Quentin Coples- DE- UNC

8. Miami Dolphins

- Michael Floyd- WR- Notre Dame

9. Carolina Panthers

- Montari Poe- DT- Memphis

10. Buffalo Bills

- Jonathan Martin- OT- Stanford

11. Kansas City Chiefs

- David DeCastro- OG- Stanford

12. Seattle Seahawks

- Trent Richardson- RB- Alabama

13. Arizona Cardinals

- Riley Reiff- OT- Iowa

14. Dallas Cowboys

- Cordy Glenn- OG- Georgia

15. Philadelphia Eagles

- Devon Still- DT- Penn St

16. New York Jets

- Mark Barron- DB- Alabama

17. Cincinnati Bengals

- Dre Kirkpatrick- CB- Alabama

18. San Diego Chargers

- Fletcher Cox- DL- Mississippi St

19. Chicago Bears

- Courtney Upshaw- DE- Alabama

20. Tennessee Titans

- Melvin Ingram- DE- South Carolina

21. Cincinnati Bengals

- Luke Kuelchey- LB- Boston College

22. Cleveland Browns

- Stephen Hill- WR- Georgia Tech

23. Detroit Lions

- Janoris Jenkins- CB- North Alabama

24. Pittsburgh Steelers

- Stephon Gilmore- CB- South Carolina

25. Denver Broncos

- Brandon Weeden- QB- Oklahoma St

26. Houston Texans

- Kendall Wright- WR- Baylor

27. New England Patriots

- Whitney Mercilus- DE- Illinois

28. Green Bay Packers

- Peter Konz- OC- Wisconsin

29. Baltimore Ravens

- Donta Hightower- LB- Alabama

30. San Francisco 49ers

- Michael Brockers- DL- LSU

31. New England

- Alonzo Dennard- CB- Nebraska

32. New York Giants

- David Wilson- RB- Virginia Tech
March 18, 2012  09:06 PM ET

Ryan Tannehill #4 overall? Wow.

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March 18, 2012  10:42 PM ET

Un,Anythings possible,But the picks aren't too far off the mark as far as The team i root for needs..Bengals

He's done a good job at assessing team needs. And mock drafts are always impossible to guess correctly. They're about as easy to perfect as an NCAAB bracket.

But I'd be very surprised if the Browns took Ryan Tannehill at #4 overall. Now if they traded back about 5 or 10 slots the possibility is wide open.

And I don't think Trent Richardson is going nearly as high as anyone expects. Teams just don't value the runningback position like they used to. Mark Ingram was supposed to be a "top ten" runningback last year in a draft class which lacked depth at the runningback position; he slipped to #28 overall and wasn't even the first player taken by New Orleans in that draft.

My guess is Trent Richardson suffers a similar slide. But to fracdaddy14's credit he does have Richardson going later than I've seen in many other mocks.

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March 18, 2012  11:10 PM ET

Ryan Tannehill #4 overall? Wow.

He thinks outside the box.

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March 19, 2012  01:41 AM ET

Thanks for all the feedbak. I tried to include more detail, but was held back by character limits. I've seen a lot of reports from Cleveland papers to SI linking the Browns to Tannenhill along with Miami and KC. I don't think much of him, but I'm going by where I feel the draft will go. If Cleveland wants a QB they aren't likely to be able to trade down and get him from Miami (his college coach is now their OC). As for TR, he's good as any RB in a long while, but my thinking was that he'll fall because he is a RB, plus his knee scope might scare a team off. As a Giants fan, I must admit I'd be scared if he went to a loaded team like Detroit. Like (UN) said, its likepicking a NCAA bracket (I actually picked Missouri to win it all) at this point. Trades and other things will change it, but I tried to do the best possible job.

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March 19, 2012  08:38 AM ET

In case anyone is interested, I broke up the Mock and added reasons for it on my profile/blog page. The reason I picked non-pass rushers for the Cardinals is they have two they like in Sam Acho and O'Brien Schofield. For the Chargers, they have good money tied into Jarret Johnson and Shaun Phillips and Antwan Barnes impressed as a pass-rush specialist. Pass Rushers in this draft are as hard as any position to pick. Almost all the higher-end guys could go easily Top 15 as they could End of the 2nd, depending on the team's preference.

March 19, 2012  08:43 AM ET

I'm hoping the Chargers get a pass rusher and go with Ingram or Upshaw. Either of those guys can play OLB as well in the 3-4. Right now, I'd go Ingram. That guy's going to be an impact player with his size and speed. But I think there's a chance he goes earlier, maybe AZ at 13? I agree with the above about how hard it is to predict the draft. Once guys start slipping, teams adjust and it seems anything can happen.

After the first five picks the draft is just a guessing game.

March 19, 2012  09:16 AM ET

24. Pittsburgh Steelers

- Stephon Gilmore- CB- South Carolina

The only players the Steelers covet more than Dont'a Hightower are David DeCastro and Dontari Poe.....however out of those 3 are there at #24 will be wearing B&G.......

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April 29, 2012  10:26 AM ET

The Eagles got DT Fletcher #12.

There is a football God.


May 6, 2012  07:57 PM ET

I think Ingram will be perfect for the Chargers. It was hard because I thought DeCastro was perfect too, but it was tough to argue. They had a nice draft. I like the Eagles pick of Cox, their first 3 picks were perfect for their team. But seriously, Nick Foles? Ironically, the only real pick i got right after the first 3 was my GMEN picking up David Wilson.


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