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April 9, 2012, 09:10 AM
Overeem looks to be out of the title fight at UFC: Heavyweights. That is a sad fact, but the problem is, didn't we all kinda think this is going to happen sooner or later? I wonder if the UFC set up the Heavyweights just to ensure they had a fall-back if and when this happened? 411Mania had a poll on their page on giving the title shot to Dan Henderson.

I have a better idea.

Lets give the title shot to Cain. Their first fight was HUGE, the main event of the first FOX card. The fight was quick, but its not like Cain was getting drilled like Lesnar the whole time. He is undefeated vs anyone else, and lets be honest, I???ll pay to watch that fight again.

So what do we do with MIR? Now we bring in HENDO. Hendo vs Mir? I???ll take that for a semi-main, and if Hendo drops Mir, I think he???s a viable entry into the heavyweight title picture, if he wants to be. Leave the rest of the card the same. I???m still more excited for this card than any other coming up. Lets face it, 145 is a One-Fight card. 147 could be awesome though, but who knows how that ends up?

A win over Hendo, and I???ll take Mir as the Number 1 guy, and if he taps Hendo, I???m good for thinking Mir might have a shot at lasting a round vs Cain. If Hendo wins, I???d like to see him face Barnett (if he beat Daniel Cormier) for the next title shot.

Hendo???s almost always been the smaller fighter in the cage at 205+, and Mir isn???t a huge guy for a Heavyweight. That seems like a good place to start for Hendo at 255.
April 9, 2012  10:34 AM ET

Personally, I don't like this idea, nor i think the fighters would agree.

1) Cain lost fair & square.
Was it too fast? true. but to warrant a rematch like this is just wrong. Imagine if Cain wins. then they HAVE to have a third fight right away and this would tie up the HW division for a long time.

2) Mir would be more deserving, but like I noted before, he failed to beat any top contender. A win over 3 hard opponents (but not top 5) should not warrant a title shot.

3) Hendo makes a lot of sense after his win over Fedor. Do I think he deserves one? no. he doesn't. but this is a desperate measure, and win or lose, we know he will put up a fight.

4) Barnett would be athe best solution (IMO) but this will bring a lot of implications to the SF tourney, and I don't think UFC would be able to pull him easily without throwing a big bone to SF and Showtime in return.

lastly, Mir & hendo wouldn't be good because:
1) hendo wants a title shot. he would most likely say no to fighting anyone not holding a belt.
2) Mir has nothing to gain by fighting Hendo. A loss would be devastating.

And besides, would you be really excited for this fight? I wouldn't.
Even if Mir wins over hendo, IMO Barnett winning the tourney would be more deserving of a title shot.

Mir & Cain and the picture changes.

April 9, 2012  10:43 AM ET

I brought up a cain/jds rematch on the other thread. It didn't get any love lol I think there were 5rumors nays and not a single aye


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