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April 16, 2012, 03:59 PM
Getting it out a little early.

How to play?

Pick: Fighter + Round + way of victory
Example: Fighter A, round 2, Submission


3 points for picking the right fighter
1 point for the right round
1 point for the correct way of victory.

Note: Title fights and Main Events are worth double points.

Note2: You can only score Round or way of victory if you picked the winning fighter.

MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view)

* Champ Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans (for light-heavyweight title)
* Rory MacDonald vs. Che Mills
* Ben Rothwell vs. Brendan Schaub
* Michael McDonald vs. Miguel Torres
* Mark Hominick vs. Eddie Yagin
* John Alessio vs. Mark Bocek


* Travis Browne vs. Chad Griggs
* Matt Brown vs. Stephen Thompson
* John Makdessi vs. Anthony Njokuani
* Mac Danzig vs. Efrain Escudero


* Chris Clements vs. Keith Wisniewski
* Maximo Blanco vs. Marcus Brimage
April 16, 2012  08:34 PM ET

Evans decision 5 (going out on a limb with this one)
MacDonald TKO 2
Schaub decision 3
Torres decision 3
Hominick TKO 2
Bocek decision 3
Browne TKO 1 (really like this matchup and looking forward to it)
Brown decision 3
Makdessi decision 3
Danzig decision 3

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April 17, 2012  12:25 AM ET

Missed the last two Pete.

Never even heard of them lol lets go with Wisniewski decision and Blanco decision

April 17, 2012  02:45 AM ET

Never even heard of them lol lets go with Wisniewski decision and Blanco decision

Blanco is a really fun guy to watch. Really good fast striker, comes kind of wild early with punches and high kicks in flurries. Kind of like Wandy in Pride, this is why the Japanese call him "The Max Murderer"

April 17, 2012  08:02 AM ET

Bones TKO round 1
Macdonald TKO round 2
Schaub decision
Torres decision
Homminick 3rd roiund TKO
Bocek decision
Browne 1st rd TKO
Thompson decision
Makdessi decision
Danzig decision
Clements decision
Blanco decision

April 17, 2012  08:49 AM ET

Rashad Evans 3rd Rd K'O
Rory MacDonald 1st tko
Brendan Schaub 2nd K'O
Miguel Torres Dec
Mark Hominick 2 sub
Mark Bocek 2 k'o

Travis Browne 1st TKO
Stephen Thompson 2nd sub
Anthony Njokuani dec
Mac Danzig dec


Chris Clements dec
Marcus Brimage 2nd sub

April 17, 2012  01:24 PM ET

bump. stupid fannation.

April 17, 2012  04:03 PM ET

* Jon Jones Dec (48-46,49-46,48-47)
* Rory MacDonald Dec
* Brendan Schaub Dec
* Miguel Torres TKo 2
* Mark Hominick Dec
* John Alessio Dec

* Chad Griggs Ko3
* Matt Brown DEC
* Anthony Njokuani Sub 1
* Mac Danzig Dec
* Chris Clements Dec
* Maximo Blanco KO 1


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April 18, 2012  12:58 PM ET

I just read Efrain Escudero has been training with Ben Henderson. This might be a good move for him.

April 18, 2012  01:49 PM ET

Blanco TKO Rd.1
Wise. Dec

Danzig Dec
Makdessi, Dec (Toss up here, should be a great fight.)
Thompson, TKO 1
Browne, TKO 2

Bocek, Dec.
Homick, TKO, 3
Torres, Sub 2
Schaub, TKO 2
McDonald, TKO 1

Evans, Dec.

April 18, 2012  02:34 PM ET

Brandon and Ben fight isn't going the distance. Someone is getting ktfo

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April 18, 2012  04:17 PM ET

I think it has a good shot to go 3 rounds. Rothwell can take some serious damage, and Schaub probably stays on the outside picking his shots, working in and out. I don't think Rothwell has the speed to catch Schaub standing, so it kind of sets up as a Schaub Decision IMO.

Since we are told we can't predict the future. I predict it won't go the distance. Just a gut feeling

April 18, 2012  08:36 PM ET

Im surprised there are more picks for Evans than Jones. I thought for sure I'd be in the minority with the Evans upset.

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April 20, 2012  09:54 PM ET

Rashad Evans Dec 5
Rory MacDonald (T)Ko 1
Brendan Schaub (T)Ko 2
Miguel Torres Dec 3
Mark Hominick (T)Ko 2
Mark Bocek Dec 3


Travis Browne (T)ko 2
Stephen Thompson (T)ko 3
Anthony Njokuani (T)ko 2
Efrain Escudero Sub 2


Wisniewski - sub 2
Blanco (T)ko 2


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