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May 16, 2012, 03:29 PM
Anyone have any?

I kind of like Cormier in this spot. I think he's going to work Barnett on the feet with his speed, power, and athleticism. I going with Cormier here to beat Barnett by TKO midway through the fight.

I think Barnett will also have a difficult time trying to take Daniel down. So thats the way I see that fight going.

I think Melendez is going to finish Thomson in their fight. Also, there are rumors Thomson suffered a torn PCL. He also said he has a wrist injury and is suffering from some kind of cold. I already liked Melendez before all of this. I don't see any chance Thomson takes this fight.

Kyle-Feijao is a tremendouns fight. 1st time Kyle put it on Feijao. Tough fight to call. Anyone have thoughts on this. I'm kind of leaning Mike Kyle here.
May 16, 2012  04:45 PM ET

Melendez needs to be fighting better competition in the UFC.

His window will be closing soon, he will never be considered the best until he fights the best,

May 16, 2012  11:39 PM ET

I don't think Cormier will fare too well. Lighting up Monson and Silva aren't really great accomplishments, and Barnett did better standing with Monson for that matter.

Barnett is bigger, stronger, has better reach, and is light years ahead of Cormier on the ground as far as submissions. I think he has the power edge striking as well.

Daniel might be slightly faster, but his only real advantage will probably be wrestling, and Barnett is no picnic for any HW on the ground. Josh will either TKO or tap him on the floor in the first few frames I think.

Barnett has wicked sweeps from his back, and don't be surprised to see him toss the Olympian around a little and take him down.

Melendez should finish that fight so long as he doesn't somehow get laid and prayed as he has in the past. He should TKO Josh pretty early and violently.

I didn't realize Fejao and Kyle fought before. I think Kyle has faster hands, technique goes to Fejao, but both are really good boxers. Fejao has better kicks and a more well rounded game, but his defense has been penetrated before, so I wouldn't be shocked to see Kyle finish him with a big straight right. Tough one to call though, so I won't make a clear decision; should be fireworks though.

May 17, 2012  07:51 AM ET

Barnett is who Mir would be if Mir got popped for roids several times....both are top notch on the ground and FAR beyond any other HW when it comes to a ground game....but Barnett also has better hands....however, most of our exposure to Barnett is in question as to whether he was clean or not....For all I know, if he comes in clean, he may lack the power that we've seen in the past which could change everything....I really want to see Barnett vs would be interesting to see HWs grapple for a reason other than that they are too gassed to stand and swing...

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May 20, 2012  10:46 PM ET

Wow Cormier kicked Barnett's ****. Totally outclassed was Barnett.

I wouldn't go that far, but he was in the drivers seat. Barnett nearly got the KO in round 1, nearly got the sub later.

Josh was hanging with him standing until he broke his hand, but his timing and range seemed a bit off after the first takedown and subsequent ground and pound.

Cormier could have tried harder for the finish though. And the running away for the last 15 seconds was disgraceful. Disrespectful to himself, Josh, and the fans.

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May 21, 2012  12:17 AM ET

My bad. Thought you said Cormier almost got Ko'd.

I was referring to the punch-knee combo he got hit with late in round 1. That could have easily ended in a KO if either of those landed a little differently.

I didn't mean it did almost KO him, just that it could have KO'd him.

May 21, 2012  12:28 AM ET

C you sound like the biggest Barnett fan around. Haha. Cormier also broke his hand in the 1st round and he was never close to being Ko'd or submitted. You sound ridiculous son.Cormier had a clean sweep, and fought with a broken hand. I can excuse the "running away" the last few seconds. Sorry, but he dominated Barnett and outclassed him. Not sure what fight you were watching.Cormier outstruck, outgrappled, and tossed Barnett around like he was an amateur.

Never close to being submitted? He was in an inverted heel hook (in the 4th I believe). It was locked up, he was under the heel and everything. He slid out right after it got locked in, but if Barnett has you in an inverted heel hook at all you almost got subbed.

It was Cormier's night for sure, but this wasn't Shogun vs Rampage. He outworked him standing, took him down and landed decent ground and pound. He was slightly better than Josh the whole fight, it wasn't as one sided as people say.

Only time he was close to winning was with the head kick and follow up.

And he spent the second half of the last round just trying to survive to the bell. From circling away, to clinching with no attempt to use his underhooks or strike, to literally running like a cur. That is indefensible. I will never be a DC fan because of that, and I liked him going into the fight (as a guy, not to win).

How can you criticize Condit like you did and back a guy literally running away, not even trying to hide the fact that he doesn't want to engage?

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May 21, 2012  11:38 AM ET

Cormier vs Barnett tells us NOTHING since neither of them went more than a few minutes healthy....once the hands were broken, Cormier couldn't strike as well, Barnett couldn't strike as well, Barnett couldn't secure the leg triangle or the heel hook, neither could get a decent grip in order to grapple or control the opponent....a rematch would be warranted to some degree if only to see what might happen if they managed to not break their hands. Then again, brittle bones is a side effect of steroid use and Barnett's been popped 3 times so I suppose he earned the damage.

May 21, 2012  11:39 AM ET

Cormier had the fight well in hand and was fighting with a broken hand. I think at that point he just wanted the fight to end. Way different than the Condit situation. Condit ran the entire fight with two good hands.

Condit didn't run anymore than Mohammed Ali's all tactical and it worked....float like a butterfly...


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