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July 31, 2008, 11:30 PM
Guys...I know a lot of the people who are voting in the HOF ballots are relative newbies to FanNation, but that doesn't explain why people do one thing and are automatically anointed "HOF-Worthy".

It pains me to see guys like Denis, EF, Wallace, IrishR#1, etc. who are integral and great members of our site not making the HOF and in some cases, not even getting nominated.

People, when your reasons for picking a person for the final ballot is "frickin hilarious" or saying it's only because they're a good guy, it's not good. What have they actually DONE to deserve being in the HOF?

EF brought this up before, we're voting for the "Flavors of the month" so to speak (I can't find that damn thread...he worded it really well...). We're voting for the people who are active now, TDing every day, blogging regularly and well, etc. What about the veteran members of the site who DON'T do that anymore. Does the fact that they're retired tarnish their reputation? All the guys I mentioned earlier are like that. They don't do much stuff anymore, but the stuff they've done before is some of the best stuff that's ever been put out on this site.

Guys like Mac, who has now been on more ballots than Ben, I believe, Oso, who was a great member when he was still active, he blogged, TDed every once in a while, and helped people out, and Cardsox, who almost no one has EVER seen blog (until today I think...), and Favrefan, aren't going to get in before guys like (and if I mention your name here, it's not a personal shot, I'm just blowing off a bunch of steam right now) Porkins (a relative newbie), hemo, and Ghosthunter.

Now, you're probably saying, these are the best members of our site today. Go back to last summer, the guys I mentioned earlier were the best members of our site then. But they aren't getting the recognition they deserve...

In my opinion, I think a member needs to be on here for at least a year to be nominated...will that change many of the nominations? No, not really, but it will allow the members who need to be recognized the chance to be nominated...

(I just needed to rant...)


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