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February 3, 2009, 10:29 PM
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[size=5]Pigskin Pros Challenge #1[/size]
[size=4]Fix The Lions[/size]
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Before I present you with the Pigskin Pros first challenge, I would like to explain to you what this is all about. Our number one priority is you, the fans. We would like to interact with you more, to discuss this game we all love. We have come up with a segment, that will take place every week! This particular segment is called, "Pigskin Pros Challenge", and it will start every Tuesday.

Rules are simple. We provide you with a situation or a challenge, that will make you think. These challenges will test your NFL knowledge and skills. You will then send us your challenge answer to us via email, we will review them all, and pick the winner on Monday.

The weekly winner will receive the famous:
Pigskin Pros Challenge Trophy! rophywza3.jpg
Isn't that sweet? Your name will be engraved on it if you come out victorious!

Enough small talk, lets get on with the challenge!
Challenge #1
Statement: Congratulations! You are now the owner of the Detroit Lions. They went an astounding 0-16 in the 2008 regular season, and need some strong leadership from the front office and head coach to get them back on track.

Challenge: You will come up with the best possible off season plan to get the Lions back on track. You will need to sign free agents, draft, and maybe even try to trade for players that fit the system. (Follow the format below when you email us)

Tips: When guiding the Lions to greatness, consider the following!
[*]Be realistic with your draft picks! If you get Andre Smith in the 2nd round you will be DQ'd!
[*]Be realistic in your Free Agency selections. Don't sign Julius Peppers for 1 year, $50 million!
[*]The Lions were 30th in total offense
[*]The Lions were 32nd in total defense
[*]Lions are $26 million under the cap
[size=5]Format: Use this format when emailing us![/size]

Name: (Put your name here)
Re-Sign: (Which Lions players will you re-sign? Don't need cap numbers, but big points if included)
Draft: (Find the Lions Draft order, and draft all Lions picks through 7 Rounds)
Free Agency: (List players you sign via Free Agency. Keep within the cap. Make realistic signs Year/$$$.
Other: (List any other way you may have in mind of improving the Lions. Big points here)

**Simple note: Please, keep as brief as possible. I don't want you to take much time with these**

Email us at or to enter!




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