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June 14, 2012, 12:41 PM
Congratulations Matt Cain, You just pitched a perfect game and now you can go anywhere you want on vacation, where do you want to go? San Francisco. First of all who says that the Bay Area doesn't have great fans? This was a game that was sold out ( 42,000 ) on a Wednesday evening 6/13/12, over the hump evening for most working class people. During a recession, the day before Golfs US Open at the historic Olympic Club. Who knows the Giants may even give Cain the day off so he can go watch some of his professional golf buddies compete for that prize? He was by the way driving golf balls from Home Plate at AT&T Park into McCovey Cove ( which is over the right field wall and is part of SF Bay). 42,000 fans cheering on their team like it was game 7 of the World Series, Not only was it fantastic pitching by Cain who had 14 strikeouts (tying the record for strikeouts in a perfect game, with Sandy Koufax), but there were lots of hits, even one by Matt Cain, there were 3 two run home-runs and some exciting defensive plays by the Giants ( most notably by Gregor Blanco and his diving catch) and Astros.

This summer alone in the Bay Area we have a perfect game, Golfs US Open, Sailings Americas Cup, and who knows the Giants if they remain healthy may even make the playoffs in fall, as the 49ers start their journey to the NFL playoff games. The University of California just completed their new stadium and training facility which just happens to be one of the finest in America, they have recruited 2 of the finest QB's in America Zack Kline and Jared Goff. Now all we need is the Golden State Warriors to start pulling their weight-they get tons of fan support yet no playoffs
June 14, 2012  12:53 PM ET

Why include "The City" as part of Matt Cains glorious feat. Well I am a California native of the Bay Area and during my life I have constantly heard the Eastern media say that certain Super Star players that are free agents in their respective sport will chose NY or LA because they are supposed to be great media centers. Well for those uneducated players, maybe they should look up SF and the Bay Area, if you want to include the internet as media, the Bay Area is where many of the largest computer and internet companies call home. The Giants and 49ers have no problems drawing all star players and coaches, it is the Golden State Warriors that have the poor reputation lately. Both Cal, Stanford and Saint Mary's continue to produce great Basketball teams yet recruiting 5 star players is always difficult for some reason?

June 14, 2012  12:56 PM ET

Congrats to Matt Cain. Koufax and Cain, then pray for rain. Or something like that.

June 19, 2012  11:18 PM ET

SF sucks. SoCal is the perfect city


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