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July 6, 2012, 12:04 PM
Ok, I'm entered into the Sherdog Pick'em contest- and on the UFC weekend I didn't do too bad, only Ross kept me from getting EVERY main card fight correct (not perfect, but correct)

So I'm going to throw my picks out there to you, with one caveat. If I don't care about a fight, I'm going to say it. By and large, I'm worried about the main card. So get used to 3 W&L from. Me.

Note: the percentage is who picked them on Sherdog when I picked.

82% Forrest Griffin
18% Tito Ortiz
I have no idea why we get this fight. Tito is marketable, but fading. Forrest is a hugely popular hero to the UFC, but simply isn't going to be beating top 7 guys anytime soon. Forrest is simply too popular to be facing midcard guys.
Let me ask you this.
Say Forrest wins. Then what? Exactly. Hope Rampage wants another fight. Maybe give him to Daniel Cormier at 225 as a main event? He's too big to cut to 185, and doesn't have the power for HWY. A win by Forrest just doesn't do much but keep him on PPV as a 2nd or 3rd from the top.
Say he loses. OK, now he's really needing another bout with Bonner (why couldn't that be on Fox?)
Is he fighting anyone any different? He's curtain jerking the PPV, but does this fight lose him any fans?

As for the fight, 3 more rounds, just like the first 6- if this was a 5-rounder, I'd be more interested- we might see a stoppage then. I'm just not sure why we get R7-9 here. Has either improved?

I'll take Forrest, just to see what is injured on Tito. I got 10 bucks on shoulder.

For the FULL Preview
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July 6, 2012  03:22 PM ET

FG looks like he's not mentally into fighting anymore. That's just my take on him. Not sure how much motivation he has, and Tito will be motivated knowing this is his last fight. Really a tossup IMO. Was leaning FG decision but I'm willing to bet the 3rd round will be the deciding round in that fight.Now did Anderson look like crap in the 1st Sonnen fight because he was injured or had a bad night, or did he look like crap because Sonnen made him look like crap. I'll say this, if it goes past the 2nd round Silva is losing. No last minute subs in this fight.Easton looked like garbage against Papazian, a mediocre fighter who took the fight on short notice. Give me the more experience and well rounded fighter in Menjivar.Kim will dictate where the fight takes place, and win a 30-27 decision. Maia has looked terrible for a while now. He hasn't subbed anyone in 3 years or so. I don't see it happening tomorrow night.Guillard should win but he's such and idiot he might get subbed.Mendes vs Cody. Idiotic fight. Joe Silva must have been drunk when he made this fight.Cote-Le will be a fun fight.

Forest should tool Tito, I look for him to stop him early.

Still have to pick Silva. I still think that he can tap Sonnen if he needs to, and he is the best striker of all time in MMA.

Papazian looked really good against Easton, but so did Easton. Jared impressed me more in that fight than Easton disappointed me. Easton is still one of the most powerful 135 fighters alive.

I do think that Kim controls that fight, but I wouldn't be shocked if Maia comes out and impresses me.

Agreed on Mendes vs Cody.

Agreed on Cote/Le. Great fight, one of the more exciting fights on this card.

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July 6, 2012  04:08 PM ET

Anybody ever repaved a driveway?

Repaved or sealed?

Repaved is a ****. That is jackhammering it all up, hauling it all off and having an asphalt truck come in. I've only watched that done.

Sealed is a **** too. You have these squeegee looking things on broom handles and spread out the sealer evenly. I've done that one.

You guys are doing the whole she-bang-a-bang though? Good luck with that.

July 6, 2012  07:55 PM ET

Think FG only fights to keep his name out there.

What is dana going to do with him?

July 6, 2012  08:09 PM ET

Wish I was seeing these.

Tell your brother in law to buy the PPV.

I'll be watching at someone else's house.

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July 7, 2012  12:19 PM ET

jim, do you do the pickems?

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July 7, 2012  05:54 PM ET

Yes, they've over in the pickem thread.

No, on Sherdog.

July 7, 2012  05:54 PM ET

We all good on Tito blamint the shoulder?

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July 7, 2012  06:26 PM ET

No, I have a Sherdog account but I rarely use it. Probably haven't used it in a month or two now. A lot of those guys are idiots.

Not the forums, the actual Pick Em game

Is separate from the forums. And pretty bad ****.


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