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July 31, 2012, 04:49 PM
Zack Cox was worth more than anouther So-So reliever.
Cox may not have been putting up the numbers they wanted to see, but the kid was rushed to AAA. I don't know what Mo was thinking on this deal.
August 1, 2012  09:15 AM ET

Man.....I had the exact same thought. There is a lot of depth in the organization at the 1B/3B position with Adams, Cox, Carpenter, etc..... so I understand moving Cox. I just thought they would get a lot more for him than a very replaceable middle reliever.

They must see something in Mujica they really like.

August 1, 2012  12:46 PM ET

Based on the run the Reds are on, winning the division is a little far fetched at the moment. So why trade our high value prospects to chase a wild card spot and the new one game play in that comes with that? I think this team as is good enough to secure a wild card spot, all its lacking is consistency.

August 1, 2012  07:44 PM ET

I can see trading Cox for somone who could actually make a differece, but this seems an awfull lot like a just do someting move. I also understand that Zack was given a 40 man roster spot to get him signed and that that needed to be opened up, but Come On, Miami at least need to throw in a bag of chips or something with this deal.

August 10, 2012  09:30 AM ET

I still wish they had made a deal for another starting pitcher. I know that teams were looking for a King's ransom for some of the guys that were available, so I guess I can't blame Mozeliak for that.

Adam is starting to look more and more like the #1 starter that he is. Hopefully Jaime can come back and be a strong link in the rotation, and Lohse and Westbrook will continue to pitch well. If that happens, the rotation may be okay.

August 10, 2012  09:45 AM ET

Oh, and I am glad that they finally turned the page on Tyler Greene. Tantalizing skill at times, but just never could put it all together and be a consistent hitter. Too bad.

September 17, 2012  12:23 PM ET

Still not sure about giving up Zack Cox, but Mujica has been pretty reliable since coming over.


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