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August 27, 2012, 03:26 PM
What a shame about the David DeCastro injury in Buffalo. I hate seeing that. The Steelers committed highway robbery to steal that guy at No. 22, and then they lose him before he even plays a regular season game. It's not official yet, but they say it's an MCL, a dislocated kneecap, a partially torn patellar tendon, and possibly an ACL too. Per "source," 3-5 months?

I read that the Bills are the only team that still uses the old Astroturf, which some claim is hard to pull cleats out of to lift a foot. Then there's Fieldturf, which is supposedly improved, but which also has its critics. And there are also hybrids of natural-artificial mixed, and purely natural, too.

Bottom line is, all you can do is keep on researching and making it better, and as safe as possible. When guys the size and strength of NFL players come flying at you and land on your leg, it might snap even if submerged in jello. But I understand how the cleat-sticking thing would be a big concern. Roethlisberger has been vocal about it.

Preseason Injuries are mounting and I hate each time it happens. Best wishes for speedy recoveries to all those who are injured. Not sure how to prevent them other than don't play your starters.
August 27, 2012  03:32 PM ET

It is part of an on going conspiracy to reduce preseason games and increase regular season games. That way injuries will be more likely to happen when it counts.

But on a serious note. It does suck to see so many players get hurt in the preseason. Especially rookies, and especially when the injuries are so serious.

August 27, 2012  03:41 PM ET

What also sucks is replacement refs.

August 27, 2012  03:47 PM ET

What also sucks is replacement refs.

That's just insult to injury there.

August 27, 2012  04:19 PM ET

The Bengals could have gotten DeCastro in the Draft but traded down and got a grat quality Guard in Kevin Zietler,and too get another pick,I hated too see DeCastro end up with the Steelers at the time,but they wanted Zietler for some reason in the 1st place.

It'e too bad about his injury though, Just like we lost our FA Guard for the season in the 1st preseason game in the 1st set of plays in the game.

So that will effect Cincy's game just about as bad as the Steelers loss of thier rookie guard.

So Maybe both our teams will be looking for another Guard after all the cuts for depth,which put's both teams in the same catagory.

August 27, 2012  04:22 PM ET

What also sucks is replacement refs.

I guess the 'real refs'are gonna' sit it out' All season,good for them!. As football will be played and go on,with or without them.

August 27, 2012  04:25 PM ET

What also sucks is replacement refs.

Yes, these replacement officials aren't that good but even the regular officials leave a lot to be desired. I believe the answer would be younger full time officials but that will never happen.

August 27, 2012  04:27 PM ET

I guess the 'real refs'are gonna' sit it out' All season,good for them!. As football will be played and go on,with or without them.

I suppose Ed Hochuli will be spending more time in the weight room working on his biceps.

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August 27, 2012  04:50 PM ET

the games I`ve watched so far have had little confusion from the replacements, but over all the game ran much smoother because of no flags, they aren`t throwing as many, at least in the games I`ve seen.There are times when Ron Winters crew will throw a flag on almost every play, and that kills the game.

Howdy bro!

Best of luck for yer team this year,and may Hillis do a 180 and perform like in 2010.

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August 27, 2012  06:38 PM ET

That's a big time injury, but two things may well mitigate the loss somewhat. He is a player and looked like he might well be a good starter this year, but rookies ARE rookies. It's not going to as steep a drop-off from a production standpoint, as a veteran in there is likely to be playing closer to (or better than) a "good rookie starter" level than, say, a fouth-year vetteran starter level. Secondly, after the skill of the surgical team, youth will be DeCastro's biggest ally in his recovery.

I think Pittsburgh wanted Him for a starter from the 1st game on,as thier OL needed some younger peeps and they spent thier 1st pick on him,They not only wanted him but needs him too shore up an older OL, so his absence will be felt, Cincy lost thier FA Guard[after they let go Nate Livings ]and signed Wharton from the RAMS,He went out injured for the entire season in the 1st preseason game.
So that 'replacement'is our 2nd year Guard [Clint Boling] Was only there for depth,as he sucked in both pass and run situations, So that affects our entire front line,especialy rotating him out on different downs.

DeCastros's young and will heal alot quicker than an old vet,but till then? Yer line will have too adjust,just like our's will.

I think both our teams might go shopping for another Guard after the last cuts of every team are made.

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August 27, 2012  07:02 PM ET

Our 2nd best Guard sux.So maybe yer Vet will do as well or better than yer rook that got hurt.

But, I figure the Steelers was gonna use him,in the very 1st game and all season.As our rookie Guard Dave Zietler is certainly going too be there all season long unless he get's injured,and ifn he does? No chance for Cincy going anywhere this year.

But they used Andy Dalton and AJ Green all preseason and regular season and they did ok. so you can count on our Rookie Guard being on the 1st team.

So, I'm fairly certain Cincy will be looking at any OLG's being cut after game 4.

They do have some trade bait and the cash for any opportunities that might come thier way.

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August 28, 2012  07:54 AM ET

Hopefully it's 3 which would be about Thanksgiving.

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August 28, 2012  09:12 AM ET

Hopefully it's 3 which would be about Thanksgiving.

But 5 is End of January. So, late playoffs or SB (I hjaven't looked at the playoff schedule for this year).

Wonder if the Steelers will IR DeCastro???

August 28, 2012  09:12 AM ET



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