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September 8, 2012, 11:59 AM
After Strasburg's 3 inning outing the Nats finally shut down their ace after claiming they would eventually for the entire season.

I'm assuming this will include the postseason as well. I think it might be worse for Strasburg to be shut down and then to start up again, and even worse in a high pressure situation.

This whole situation is just stupid in my opinion. The Nats are going to the post season since 1933, and have a legitimate shot at winning the series if thy have their ace. Strasburg has been doing fine since returning from surgery, so why mess with something that is working. Not to mention it looks like mentally he is taking this decision very hard. I understand they are concerned about hurting the golden goose but what is the point of having him if you're not going to use him when it matters most.
September 8, 2012  05:31 PM ET

I can't agree with shutting him down, UNLESS a doctor said that it was highly likely that Strasburg's arm would be permanently damaged.
For crying out loud, the guy pitched practically an entire season. Now they're going to the playoffs! Pitch him for 4 innings in each of his next few regular-season starts to keep him loose, then let him go for it in the playoffs! Let's say he pitches 2 games in each of the first two rounds, and 3 games in the WS. And let's say he goes 8 innings in all those post-season games (which he won't). We're talking maybe 75 more innings between now and then end of the WS. It's a lot, but that's what he's been working for!
No guarantees for ANY team that they will make the post-season again. GO FOR IT.

September 9, 2012  07:24 PM ET

I agree, I was going to say, lighten the load until the playoffs. Chances are the Nats will make it back to the playoffs with such a young core of players but you just never know. The whole point is to win a WS and you can't play it safe like this. Especially with no signs that Strasburg is going to get injured.


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