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September 11, 2012, 03:08 PM
And hopefully that team is the Bears. We all are optomistic with the Bears offense after the Colts game (41 OFFENSIVE Points). We all know that the Bears are defense first, but maybe now for the first time possibly in history the offense will be taking the leadership roll of winning games for us. Considering the Packers and their defensive woes this couldn't happen at a better time. I think the Bears will go into Green Bay and steal a win at a 31-21 score. I think the offense will do their job, but more inspiring to us Bear fans I expect the defense to be the suprise of the game in limiting the Packers to JUST 21 points. GO BEARS!!!
September 11, 2012  04:20 PM ET

I'm hoping for a well played game Thursday night after the lackluster loss to the 49er's. Our running attack was non-exsistent and our defense was helpless against the run and the pass. I hope that isn't an indication of the season ahead and that the team plays much better against the Bears. I expect our offense to put more than 21 points on the board and predict we will win in a high scoring contest.

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September 11, 2012  05:54 PM ET

I can't see the Packers losing two straight games. The Packers by 34-17.

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September 11, 2012  07:56 PM ET


September 11, 2012  10:39 PM ET

~ :-( ~

September 12, 2012  10:01 AM ET

You Packer fans might not THINK it will or can happen of the Packers losing two straight games, but I think it's going to happen. I also think it's going to happen more than once this season with your schedule! You just don't have the team that you think you have. You have been decieving yourselves of how good and strong you are for too long. What running game? What defense? We will expose those weaknesses on Thursday. GO BEARS!!!

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September 12, 2012  12:57 PM ET

The Packers will right the ship this Thursday!!

September 12, 2012  01:02 PM ET

It's hard to base too much off the first week of the season (unless you are Miami or Cleveland since they will suck any week) but I think the Bears have a better chance of winning.

September 12, 2012  05:38 PM ET


September 12, 2012  05:38 PM ET

<big>Da Bears!

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September 12, 2012  11:44 PM ET

The Packers will right the ship this Thursday!!

Same old classy packer fan we Bear fans have come to enjoy so much, Stay Classy lady as usual!!!

September 12, 2012  11:46 PM ET


September 13, 2012  12:11 AM ET

Enough of the Homer BS though I think the Bears can win IF they can protect Cutler and establish the run game early, however the Packers are tough at home and coming off a lose to the Niners will be better prepared. These two teams know each other well as they place twice a year, I think Rodgers is one of the best if not the best Q.B. in league and has an experienced W.R. core to throw to however I have to give the run game, defensive edge and special teams to the Bears. These games are usually low scoring dog fights and sometimes the team with the last scoring drive comes out on top. I'm not a typical bitter fan and can acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of both teams and will not go out on a limb and brag nor downgrade either team as they both are capable of winning and will simply say good luck and look for a good injury free game.

September 13, 2012  12:19 AM ET

The Packers will right the ship this Thursday!!

It's okay Janie, don't make us commence a suicide watch on your behalf........LOL We know how passionate you are about your Packers.........HA HA HA!!


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