October 3, 2012, 09:39 AM
Well, the Cards fought to the end, and ended up back in the playoffs. Nice to see, as this team overcame a year of transition and injuries to earn a chance to defend their Title.

Loss of your HOF manager and the second best player in team history? No problem.

Get three starts at the end of the year out of your best pitcher? No problem.

Lose your starting shortstop to injury in August? No problem.

Lose Lance Berkman for the majority of the year? No problem.

Nice year for first year manager Matheny. He had me scratching my head a few times, but I think he proved that the job wasn't too big for him, and did a nice job getting this transitional team back to the post-season.

That said.....I am shocked by the decision to start Kyle Lohse on Friday. If it were me.....Adam would be making that start against Atlanta on Friday. I hope his first major post-season decision doesn't turn out to be the wrong one.
October 3, 2012  11:17 PM ET

This season, Lohse has been the Cards most consistent and overall best pitcher so I have no problem with him starting the one-off. I'm sensing it will be an all hands on deck kind of game plan anyway so he won't be out there long if he struggles.

My real concern about Friday is whether the offense will show up.

October 4, 2012  01:07 AM ET

No doubt about the year Kyle has had. He's just had a horrid history in the post-season, which is what concerns me. I guess I just view Adam as more of a #1 starter, and I probably have more confidence in him. Lohse has been fantastic all year, but I simply don't see him as a big game pitcher.

I think the offense is going to show up in a big way. Hopefully I am right about this and wrong about Lohse lol.

October 5, 2012  07:43 PM ET

Game isn't over yet, but I am happy to admit that I was wrong about Kyle tonight. Based on his track record in the post-season, I was scared to death of him starting tonight. He was very solid, and if the ump hadn't given Ross that last second timeout, Kyle would have gone unscathed.

October 7, 2012  12:28 PM ET

Kudos to Lohse for not falling apart after giving up the HR. Now onto the Nats.

I don't disagree with Matheny's choice to start Garcia at home and starting Adam in gm3, I just hope Waino doesn't lose the feel for his pitches with 10+ days off.

Offensively, I wouldn't mind seeing 6 runs a game ... I think that formula would be very successful.

October 7, 2012  03:30 PM ET

My bad, could've sworn I saw Wainwright listed as the Game 3 starter somewhere.

October 11, 2012  03:13 PM ET

I think Matheny set up his rotation nicely for this series. Garcia obviously had to be given a home start, if you're going to start him at all.....and I think Carp starting the first game in Washington was perfect.

Now let's hope Lohse comes through with another good road start. I like our chances against Detwiler.

October 12, 2012  09:34 AM ET

Feast or Famine for this offense. It seems like we either get shut down entirely, or we score 9-10 runs. No in between.

I think they need to jump on Gio early tonight and put the Nationals back on their heels. If we can put some runs up, I think Adam will be solid and we can roll to victory.


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