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October 8, 2012, 07:27 PM
Seriously no offense to Koolaid, but this guy who can really strike fear with his running game has become a turnover machine.

I have no like for this guy for what kind of person he is, but now it needs to be said:

He is not a good Quarterback, not even decent, he cannot manage a game, is a lousy passer and his running game is not what is once was.
Now he turns the ball over and over, just when do the fans say enough,

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October 8, 2012  07:31 PM ET

I am not even an Eagle fan yet I feel for those of you who are, it is one thing to put up with all the drama surrounding this guy but when he fails to deliver week after week just when is enough, enough?

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October 8, 2012  07:35 PM ET

I saw an interesting stat about a week ago. 27% of his dropbacks he is pressured or hit. Tops in the NFL at the time. The offensive line is horrible, worse than Chicago's and that is saying something.

My guess is he hears "that one is for Max/Rex/Duke/Daisy" when he takes hits from opposing defensive players. Quite a few have dogs at home.

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October 8, 2012  07:40 PM ET

My bad. I didn't know you were related to asifyouknow. Later.

That sir is possibly the worst insult ever slung my way, congrats on that!

October 8, 2012  07:41 PM ET

Truth is I am just bored at work and wanted some attention.

October 8, 2012  07:45 PM ET

Truth is I am just bored at work and wanted some attention.

LOL!! I have plenty of overflow work if you're that bored! ;)

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October 8, 2012  09:02 PM ET

hey.......i hear someone ~beeping~ at the drive-thru.....!

Can I get a liter of cola here?!

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October 8, 2012  09:40 PM ET

do they sell liters at 5-guys [burgers].........?

I want a got damn liter of cola!

October 8, 2012  10:14 PM ET

Vick still gives them the best chance to win. They need to figure out how to protect him better.

The Eagles would be much better without Vick at QB. There seems to be a lack of respect for him on that team.

October 8, 2012  10:15 PM ET

Truth is I am just bored at work and wanted some attention.

I suggest you find a job that you like.

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October 8, 2012  10:33 PM ET

hey,....''free'' food at 5-guyz !........what more yu want ?

I like the burgers and fries there.

October 8, 2012  11:56 PM ET

Well I personally am not a fan of Vick due to his past, however he did his time and is deserving of a second chance same as anyone else, Karma comes to my mind when I see what is taking place.

I feel for the Philadelphia fans as they really have no choice same as the rest of us who is or is not on the team they back. Vick is not and hasn't ever been a pocket passer and what has happened to Vick has happened to most "running Q.B.'s" they take punishment with their style of play like a running back does. Case in point RGIII has already experienced his first concussion in the NFL already, they live by the sword and die by the sword and their style of play dictates short careers. When playing behind a suspect O-line their pocket weakness is magnified, Vick is trying to be a pocket passer but leopards can't change their spots and the hits are taking their toll, JMO take it for just that, jus tone persons opinion.

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October 9, 2012  08:50 AM ET

philly, jets, k.c. are having their qb-issues....!



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