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October 10, 2012, 07:15 PM
That's the koolaide that David Haugh is trying to get us to drink! I admit the Bears are doing well, and their future is bright, but it was just 5 weeks ago that he was 16 weeks away from being fired! Does 4-1 justify extending his contract? I for one am NOT sold on that, but I have NOT been a Lovie fan from day one or so. So what do you think is this a smart cost effective move or is it too early to resign him or what? What do you guys think? I'm not sold on it yet, GO BEARS!!!
October 10, 2012  07:41 PM ET

The problem with wanting to change coaches, (and this is not exclusive to Da Bears) is who are you going to get to replace the current coach?

One has to ask how is Norv still the coach of the Chargers and the only answer that makes any sense is the team owner thinks he is the best man he can find.

Who would you replace Lovie with?
The only 'rockstar type' coaches available that I can think of would be
Jon Gruden
Bill Cowher
or maybe go after that cockroach currently running Alabama's program, just ask the Dolphins about that guy.

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October 10, 2012  11:54 PM ET

I personally am not a Lovie fan but I also don't want to upset the applecart so to speak and believe in consistency and continuity, I like the coaching staff as it stands now. The defense has been playing lights out the last couple weeks and the offense is starting to click and gel. It remains to be seen how the remaining season plays out but I'm a believer in chemistry, given the fact the offense has had 3 different coordinators in the last 4 years I would like to see some stability there. I think if this season turns out well Lovie should possibly be given an extension but the amount will be depend upon the outcome of this season. Lovie is the 5.0 -6.0 mill neighborhood and given the fact Shanahan, Carroll, Fisher and Belichick are in the 7 mill plus bracket the amount is a grey area. I don't see Lovie on par with Belichick but think he is on par with Fisher and Carroll, given the only coaches I see as a replacement as Cowher and Gruden I can live with Lovie for better or worse.

October 12, 2012  04:51 AM ET

Yea living with Lovie. I don't know if that's a good thing yet or not so I think we should wait untill the end of the season to make a decision on Lovie's extension.

The defense has had continuity in their co-ordinator ie, Rod Marinelli for the last few years. I firmly believe that the defense's dominance this season is because of this stability. Meanwhile like GSH1 said the offense has NOT has any stability

The problem is that once someone shows an ability to be sucessful, another team raids the sucessful team, and takes their coach that is having sucess. Hopefully we will have Mike Tice for at least one more year, but after that what will happen? I believe that we will need to prepare to have Jeremy Bates the current QB coach to take over for Tice since he is the man in my opinion, who is most likely to be able to do the job that Tice is currently just now starting to have sucess doing. To me no one else on the Bears has the capability of calling the plays and making gameplans.

Another of my worries is if and when Mike Tice goes and becomes a head coach AGAIN, how many coaches from the Bears will he take with him? I just really hope that we can keep Mike Tice for at least one more year if not more. My biggest hope is the one I outlined above or if Lovie and the Bears should win a Super Bowl that Lovie might retire and Mike Tice could be promoted to head coach. That way We could promote Jeremy Bates and keep Rod Marinelli at Defensive Co-ordinator.

We shall see won't we, GO BEARS!!!!


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