February 9, 2009, 03:23 PM
Ok, I've always tried to see a method to the madness. I've always been willing to give the benefit of a doubt. I've even defended, without any personal knowledge of the "next step", but based solely on the fact that surely there had to be a grand scheme to things. But this???

I'm just not completely sure that I'm entirely comfortable with the Cardinals dumping Kennedy. Am I a Kenneday fan? I wouldn't say that. But that's not the point. The point is...Adam Kennedy represented the best option for the Cardinals at 2B this year.

Hear me out...

Kennedy lost his starting job last year because another player (Miles) had a career year at the plate. But did he really play his way out of it? Let's take a look at the numbers...

With the exception of May (.161avg in 62ABs), Kennedy never posted a month with a batting average lower than .280

Kennedy batted .300 with runners in scoring position (compared to Ryan's .137avg), which was better than regulars Ankiel (.267avg) and Glaus (.263avg)

Kenneday was "technically" the best defensive 2B in the league last year with a .982 fielding percentage (though not being a regular for most of the year eliminated his chances for a Gold Glove)

With all that being said, was Larussa justified for giving Miles a large number of ABs at 2B? Yes, he had a career year! But it wasn't because Kennedy had pulled a Richie Sexson or Andruw Jones. The guy was still decent at the plate and exceptional in the field. And isn't that all you can ask from a second baseman?

OK, so you've looked over all the numbers...and you still hate Adam Kennedy. Glad to see him go. Fine. I mean, afterall, he didn't perform to the standards we were paying him, right? And then he went and demanded a trade because he disagreed with Larussa's lineup decisions?! Psshh...Good Riddance! Right? I can live with that. Like I said, I'm not a "fan" of Kennedy. But CUTTING him?! Seriously, there wasn't a single team out there willing to pay even $1MIL of his $4MIL contract for next year??? Heck, even 500K??? When management is making so much over the lack of money available, why throw away $4MIL on a guy that you're not even going to give a chance to earn it?!

This is the part that irks me the most. We can't go out and sign a Garland for $6MIL, or a Wolf for $5MIL, but we'll give Kennedy $4MIL just to get the hell out of Dodge?? Maybe one of the young'ns comes in and does great. Maybe we find out Skip still has soft hands and a slick glove. And maybe at the end of the year we're better off without Kennedy in the lineup. But are we better off without even a fraction of that $4MIL in a time when money is evidentily tight?

Let me know what you think...


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