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November 4, 2012, 09:37 AM
Its desperation time in hockeyland - last year about this time while the NBA players were locked out hockey fans had a ball, expressing their futile but fervent wish on every internet forum that this signaled the end of Basketball and the long awaited ascendancy of hockey. A frequent expression was "no one cares about the NBA", this from the more bigoted majority of hockey 'fans' (who it must be said are more bigots than fans - especially here in the USA - since their only interest in hockey is the lack of minorities playing).

What a difference a year makes OR karma is a byotch!

The differences are stark - the NBA ended with one of their most popular seasons last year - relegating hockey to a little noticed footnote at the end of the season for both sports. No amount of hype or desperate gimmicks could bring any noteworthy attention to the pathetic NHL ... while basketball and the NBA ruled and set the stage for an exciting period of NBA brilliance - with exciting young stars all over the place, established superstars like Lebron and Kobe (see you only need 1 simple name :) ), great potential team matchups, great international flavor with a massive global following (second only to Soccer).
Compare the fate of the NHL - last postseason they saw the competing finalists being ecclipsed within their home markets by the NBA games, more people watched the Heat/Thunder finals and NBA semifinals within the NY/LA markets than watched the Devil sand Kings confrontations. For the rest of the nation except maybe Buffalo nobody gave a flying rat's patootie about the Stanley Cup.

This year the NBA season has started with a bang and has immediately seized the sporting world's interest with intriguing trades and early results. Where's hockey - nobody knows OR CARES!!! outside their little fraternity. Its hardly mentioned in American media (unlike the feverish coverage, analysis and speculation that attended the NBA lockout). Unlike the delusional lie from hockey fans about the NBA lockout last year - people REALLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE NHL AND HOCKEY in the USA. That's a hard truth but one you hockey fans have to embrace sooner or later - actually you don't have to embrace it, but we Americans will drive it down your throats nonetheless. :)

As to your much ballyhood (now cancelled) Winter Classic - your last defence against irrelevance - you do know that it garners about 3-4 million people - I know a huge number for you but against other american sports events a poor pittance of an audience for what is laughably called a major sport in this country. As usual it would have been swamped badly by bowl games; but I understand it was all you got and now its gone too.

Like I said ... these are desperate times in hockeyland; we are witnessing the last kicks of a failed experiment in american sports. Its downhill for hockey from here on out.
November 4, 2012  12:13 PM ET



November 7, 2012  03:42 PM ET

Let us all pray that the title comes true.

December 4, 2012  03:56 PM ET

What is pathetic about the NHL is the promotion and leadership of it. You have idiots like Bettman who know nothing about the sport trying to promote it and throw it down the face of markets who will never be hockey hotbeds. The game is truly (along with football) the best game out there but sadly due to way too many teams, unenforced rules and a serious lack of promotion of the games stars, it will never be more than it is now. Bettman has truly ruined the great game.

December 4, 2012  10:16 PM ET

Here it is one month after this blog was posted and the only bright light to come out so far is a meeting to decide if there will be a players and owners-only meeting. The NHL season is basically over for 2012.

December 17, 2012  02:46 PM ET


December 27, 2012  02:51 PM ET

I hate doing a post mourdom on the NHL, but I guess it has to happen. It is time for a new Organization out of Canada, to take over the whole mess and start over. When they get ready to drop the puck, Ill be there or watching on television to lend support.

January 7, 2013  10:01 AM ET

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January 28, 2013  06:39 PM ET

Seriously ? Save me ! If you do not like pro hockey, fine , don't watch. Its a multi Billion dollar industry,and it isn't going anywhere.


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