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December 2, 2012, 12:00 PM
Last nights Wisconsin - Nebraska game clearly demonstrated the need for American football's natural evolution back to exactly where it came from. Wisconsin's Rugby style defense will need to be answered by an equality in offensive performance that couldn't be, under current NCAA rules, make the result anything different than what it was preordained to be. The only answer for Nebraska was to have ALL but two of their offensive down linemen STAND UP! But according to current NCAA rules, had Nebraska done that, they would have incurred a penalty and most likely a loss of down.

This natural evolution back to Rugby is interesting, because either the NCAA will have to allow the offensive linemen the opportunity to respond to that kind of defense by allowing the offensive linemen the same opportunity to also leave a down set, or let every college team in America play the same defense as Wisconsin did and make a total mockery out of College football.

Not only was Wisconsin's defense a trip back to rugby times, so was their offensive performance throughout that game. They used trick play after trick play after trick play to make the case that the offense needs to be more versatile than having all your men in one little basket. And then, why not have 9 down offensive linemen etc. See they really were addressing the need to get back to the basics of Rugby. Hand those boys a black and white round checkered ball, take the pads off and tell them to play Rugby because those Wisconsin boys and their coaches would win that National title hands down. I applaud them for demonstrating the weakness in American football, and I hope every team in American starts exploiting this weakness the same way Wisconsin has. It has to be done to show Americans there's only one football game worth watching and that's Rugby. GOOD SHOW WISCONSIN AND GLORIOUS ADULATION'S AND CONGRATULATIONS
December 2, 2012  12:22 PM ET

How droll, dew.

December 2, 2012  12:45 PM ET

How is that so Tin Man?

First let me say, I'm not a big fan of football. And I'm not sure I know everything about it. My hubby, of course does, and is a big fan. My main complaint is all those horrible injuries. And I am glad to see someone, like Wisconsin, exploiting the rules enough to make this game less about contact and more like Rugby to lessen those injuries.

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December 2, 2012  03:50 PM ET

also like to mention that the forward pass will always be the cultural divide between American football and rugby. Whatever resemblance the two games have ends with that crucial difference


December 2, 2012  03:58 PM ET

Lol... What we girls have to sometimes do for our men you wouldn't believe. And after watching football for the umpteenth time since honeymoon - 2nd night I still get that look when I ask the wrong question. And. What was your first post all about? Organized chaos? That's what Rugby looks like to me and what last nights game looked like. It would seem only right that what the defensive line could do, so could the offensive line and vice-versa. If they allow the defensive line to have only 2 down linemen with the rest standing, then they should allow the offensive line that same opportunity. And that's what I meant by getting back to a more Rugby style game. And I do think that's where its going. At least I hope it is.

December 2, 2012  04:53 PM ET

How droll, dew.

This was a harmless play on your FN name, drewdoll. Welcome to the boards.

December 2, 2012  07:35 PM ET

The rule I would first like reverted is the marking of the ball where it is, like putting the ball over the goal line. Football is a battle between men; if I stick the ball over your shoulder, I haven't beaten you. The ball should be marked where the knee falls or where the hip is when the player is down.

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December 2, 2012  09:21 PM ET

Excellent post, GTH. I understood that TR had been involved in some of the origins of the game and that his influence was required due to the high number of fatalities, but I did not know that some of the motion and alignment rules were to specifically counter the flying wedge.

Thanks for the post, sir - and there's a free pitcher of beer for you at the Ice Haus.

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December 2, 2012  10:04 PM ET

Read all the I have a headache a.

Great info GTH

December 2, 2012  10:09 PM ET

I cant ingest more than 3 sentences at a time. Sorry.


December 2, 2012  10:41 PM ET

I cant ingest more than 3 sentences at a time. Sorry.GO IRISH!!!


See what beer will do for you?


December 2, 2012  10:45 PM ET

Well, I didn't watch the game, but I AM very ignorant concerning rugby defense and strategy. In other words my in-expertise makes me the perfect person to respond to this thread.

Wisconsin's rugby style defense is such a "Back to The Future" revelation/revolution that it scored 70 points? Wow, the Trojans are looking for a DC, is Wisconsin's available for purchase? We are U$C after all.

December 2, 2012  10:57 PM ET

I cant ingest more than 3 sentences at a time. Sorry.GO IRISH!!!

Readers digest version in honor of the Irish success this year:

Rugby > Football. Wisconsin Defense = Rugby. Wisconsin > ND.

Wow, sorry Van, you guys aren't #1 after all, Wisconsin is. Whoops, that made 4 (4>3), dang, now it's 5. I better quit now, it's 6. No, 7 counting the intro, and this makes it 8. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh, this is why I have probs with verbosity, I don't know when to quit (9).

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