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December 16, 2012, 01:01 PM
I'm reporting this game. National Anthem underway, 5 minutes until kickoff!
December 16, 2012  01:09 PM ET

Good defense from Browns leads to a three and out on Washington. Rocca punts to Cribbs who returns to the 32 yd line. On the play illegal block in the back, so the ball moves back to the 22 yard line.

13:20, 1st Quarter

December 16, 2012  01:16 PM ET

Cleveland gets a 1st down from Richardson. On 1st screen pass tried Redskins #91 Kerrigan bats it down. Then, fake reverse to Richardson to own 43 yard line. Two run plays get no yards and on 3rd a false start brings 3 & 15. Cleveland QB #3 Brandon Weeden runs for 4 yards. Cleveland browns punt to Crawford who brings it to the 22 yard line.

9:45, 1st Quarter

December 16, 2012  01:19 PM ET

Cousins throws to Garcon who gets poppd and picked off down to the 12 yard line by Sheldon Brown.

8:50, 1st Quarter

December 16, 2012  01:21 PM ET

On 1st down Trent Richardson runs for 12 yards into the end zone. Extra point is good.

7-0 Browns, 8:41 - 1st Quarter

December 16, 2012  01:23 PM ET

Kickoff out of the endzone for a touchback. Redskins ball.

7-0 Browns, 8:41 - 1st Quarter

December 16, 2012  01:29 PM ET

Redskins with ball pick up 4 yards on 1st and 2nd. On 3rd & 6 Kirk Cousins gets sacked for -9 yards. Sav Rocca punts to Cleveland Josh Cribbs who returns it short to their own 40 yard line.

7-0 Browns, 6:58 - 1st Quarter

December 16, 2012  01:36 PM ET

Browns with ball on 1st down false start by #73. 1st & 15 B. Weeden gets popped but completes for 1 yard. Richardson gets stopped on 2nd, and on 3rd & 11 Weeden completes but short. Hodges punts to Crawford for a touchback.

7-0 Browns, 4:59 - 1st Quarter

December 16, 2012  01:42 PM ET

Redskins with the ball. On 1st Redskins RB #46 Alfred Morris picks up 2 yards. On 2nd Play Action from Cousins deep to Garcon incomplete, but clear interference no call. 3rd & 8 incomplete to Royster. Rocca punts to Browns. Redskins 3 & out and get the ball back at their 45. On 1st Cousins throws it into triple coverage to Leonard Hankerson who catches it for a 54 yard touchdown. Currently under review.

7-6 Browns, 2:16 - 1st Quarter

December 16, 2012  01:44 PM ET

Play on the field stands Touchdown is confirmed. Kai Forbath completes extra point.

7-7, 2:16 - 1st Quarter

December 16, 2012  01:52 PM ET

Browns ball at the 23 yard line. 1st down incomplete, and on 2nd down complete but hit immediately for a gain of 1 yard. 3rd & 9 complete to Josh Gordon for a pick up of 13. On 1st Richardson picks up 1 yard. 2nd incomplete pass, and on 3rd complete to Alex Smith for 7 yards. 4th & 2 coming up. End of 1st quarter.

7-7, End of 1st Quarter

December 16, 2012  02:04 PM ET

Hodges punt, fair caught at the 22 yard line. On 1st Cousins screen to Garcon for 4 yards. On 2nd Play Action to FB Young for 6 and the 1st. Morris picks up 3 on 1st down. On 2nd Cousins to Garcon for a pick up of 12 for the first down. On 1st Morris is stopped for -2 yards. On 2nd Cousins popped but complete for 3 yards. On 3rd & 8 a pick up of 7 to Garcon. 4th and 1 hard count doesn't work so timeout. They try again after the TO and false start. So, Rocca punts to Cribbs who fair catches at the 21 yard line.

7-7, 10:50 2nd Quarter

December 16, 2012  02:06 PM ET

Weeden on 1st incomplete past. On 2nd the pocket collapses and Weeden throws but gets batted down by Redskins #91 R. Kerrigan for the 2nd time of the game. On 3rd Weeden completes for 9 yards. On 4th Hodges punts to Crawford who gets to the 21 yard line. Redskins ball.

7-7, 9:22 - 2nd Quarter

December 16, 2012  02:17 PM ET

On 1st Cousins to Morgan for 6 yards. On 2nd Cousins bootlegs and runs for 17 yards and the 1st. On 1st Morris for a gain of 2. On 2nd Cousins finds Garcon for big but ruled incomplete. Redskins challenge and lose it. So, on 3rd Kirk Cousins finds RB E. Royster for the 1st. On the next 1st Cousins is rushed and throws incomplete. Morris picks up 3 on 2nd down. On 3rd Cousins throws but is way off the mark. On 4th down from 44 yards out K. Forbath makes the field goal.

10-7 Redskins, 5:46 2nd Quarter

December 16, 2012  02:23 PM ET

Kickoff from K. Forbath and CLE #16 returns to the 25 yard line. 1st down incomplete but offisides on WSH #56 so 1st & 5. Richardson loses 1 on 1st down. Weeden to Alex Smith for 1 yard after a long time of holding the ball. On 3rd & 5 Weeden finds J. Gordon for 5 yards. WSH #97 who delivered the hit is slow to get up. On 1st Gordon picks up another 1st down. Again Weeden for a pickup of 28 on 1st down to G. Little. On the next 1st wildcat from Cribbs down to the 8 yard line.

10-7 Redskins, 2:00 - 2nd Quarter

December 16, 2012  02:29 PM ET

1st & Goal pick up of 4 to TE Cameron. On 2nd & Goal CLE #33 Richardson runs in his 2nd TD of the game. Currently under review.

13-10 Browns, 1:15 - 2nd Quarter

December 16, 2012  02:34 PM ET

Call is reversed, so it will be 3rd & Goal. Clock continues to run, so Redskins call TO to stop the clock.

10-7 Redskins, 1:14 - 2nd Quarter

December 16, 2012  02:35 PM ET

3rd & Goal Richardson runs in for his 2nd TD of the game. This one stands. Extra Point good.

14-10 Browns, 1:11 - 2nd Quarter

December 16, 2012  02:39 PM ET

Kickoff into the endzone kneeled for a touchback. On 1st Cousins to Moss for 8 yards. On 2nd WSH #15 to pick up the 1st. Cousins sacked on 1st down and they let the clock run down until CLE decides to stop it. A run with Royster brings the game to halftime.

14-10 Browns, Halftime

December 16, 2012  03:02 PM ET

2nd Half. Browns get intercepted and the Redskins work down into the redzone. Redskins 1st & Goal Cousins bootlegs and throws incomplete to WSH #88 P. Garcon. 2nd & Goal WSH RB #46 A. Morris runs it in for a TD. K. Forbath extra point good.

17-10 Redskins, 11:15 - 3rd Quarter

December 16, 2012  03:07 PM ET

Kickoff returned to the 25 by CLE #16. 1st down B. Weeden complete to Little for 7 yards. On 2nd down false start bringing up 2nd & 8. Richardson on 2nd loss of two yards. 3rd & 9 WSH #91 R. Kerrigan tips for the 3rd time this game. 4th down punt by Hodges to the Redskin 42 yard line.

17-14 Redskins, 11:24 - 3rd Quarter


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