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December 16, 2012, 05:45 PM
The Bears are on the way of ruining their team for another year or two. That's exactly what I think will happen if the Bears win the next two games and finish 10-6. It will move them to a much worse draft pick and make them pick a man who is almost definitely not good enough to help their offensive line next year.

It's a sad thing to hope for the Bears to lose. It is however so important for the Bears to fix one of the poorest offensive lines in Chicago Bear history. This offensive line is one of the worst in the NFL. For them to finish 8-8 or 10-6 is only showing how much potential at the skill positions they have on this team. They have talent, they just need the men in the trenches to be able to block for the talented players.

With luck and determination they might have been able to get a new coach and players to make an offensive line that could change this team into a Challenger NEXT season. The finishing of this season is what worries me. If they finish 10-6 they really could make it a two or three season process of rebuilding the offensive line.

If the Bears had finished with a losing record it would have helped the chances of rebuilding the Offensive line in just this off season. That's why I say it's so sad. Well maybe Phil Emery can do some miracles in Free Agency. That is what Phil is making the big bucks to do right? We can only hope and pray so. GO BEARS!!!
December 18, 2012  04:02 PM ET

Once again Lovie is showing how not to coach in the NFL. He put Michael Bush on IR on Monday AFTER the Packer game. He had been pressured in the press to do this ALL last WEEK!!! Why can't Lovie do things in a timely manner anticipating things instead of a week late? Couldn't we have used an extra man this week? Sure you can't let the press dictate the running of your team, but sometimes they ARE right!!!

Again Lovie is showing his weaknesses as an NFL HEAD coach. Lovie just isn't a quality NFL HEAD coach, no matter what Brian Urlacher and the players think. The players are loyal and biased. This is fortunately not a decision to be made by such a person, but by a cold calculating man who is usually described with harsher additive words. ha ha.

I count our blessings that Phil Emery is making the decision on keeping Lovie or not. Being new to this team, he is hopefully not going to be swayed by Lovie's Charisma alone. This is EXACTLY why Phil Emery was hired as GM. To make the tough decisions IN a timely manner. We will see just what we have in a GM this off season! For the Bears, once again it's "make it or break it time this upcoming off season!" GO BEARS!!!

December 19, 2012  05:47 AM ET

OK Bear fans, I'm sure this season is OVER for the Bears. I KNOW they aren't mathematically eliminated, but seriously I don't see them making the playoffs and if they should luck out getting there they won't be going any further! Almost any playoff team will be able to exploit their offensive line weaknesses, so lets get this thought/discussion going, Who will the Bears get for their next coach? Bill Cowher? Others? Someone who Phil Emery has known in the past who he wants to give a chance to?

Can Phil Emery bring in enough good linemen in one offseason to give the Bears a chance to get to the Playoffs and beyond next season? Is Phil Emery the player aquisition guru that the Bears hope they hired?

Realisticly speaking, it only takes an offensive line with ONE good Tackle to become effective. An offensive line can shift to one side and compensate for ONE bad offensive Tackle. But NOT TWO! Gabe Carimi has potential can this offseason with proper coaching bring the best out in him? Will they move Carimi to Left Tackle where he played his entire College career? How many other linemen will be needed?

What other postitons will the Bears need to bring in players to become contenders? Come on Bear fans, you have opinions, what are they??? GO BEARS!!!!

December 19, 2012  03:06 PM ET

The first mock draft I have seen is in, Bear's Goggles now Boomer says, Offensive Tackle from Central Michigan. Hey at least it's a man in the right area!!! GO BEARS!!!

December 23, 2012  07:37 PM ET

Well it makes me wonder if fate is doing it's slow dance on the Bears again. GO BEARS!!!


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